School Board

The School Education Act 1999 provides for School Councils to enable parents and members of the community the opportunity to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and enhance the education provided by the school.

Specifically, the functions of the Board are to:

1.  Take part in:

  • Establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities, and general policy directions.
  • Financial planning to support the above.
  • Evaluating the school performance in achieving the above.
  • Formulating codes of conduct for students.

2.   Promote the school in the community.

3.   Determine, in consultation, a dress code for students.

4.   Approve:

  • Contributions, charges and extra cost optional components of the school educational program.
  • Items for personal use in the educational program.
  • Advertising and sponsorship arrangements.

The Campbell School Council was established in 2002 and became a School Board in 2010.

Terms of Reference 2015

IPS DPA 2016 Signed


School Board Meetings

Below is a brief summary of the previous school board meetings for your information.

School Board Summary 20 November 2017

School Board Summary 28 August 2017



School Board Members

Lynne Bates – Principal


Parent Representatives

Andrew Van Der Merwe – Chairperson

Marketing Manager Diploma

Business Development Manager

Good business acumen

Client / Public relations

Dynamic networker and relationship building

Developing sales strategies

Rupa Kumar

  • Born and brought up in India
  • Can speak three Indian languages
  • Keen to be a voice of the parents
  • Work on the Kids Matter and Minds Matter committees

Carolyn Alexander

I am a mother of 2 children, 1 who Graduated from Campbell PS in 2015 and 1 who is still at the school. My interests include music, dancing, sports, holidaying and baking.  I have worked in the Travel Industry for the past 16 years and am currently Manager of a store in the Canning Vale Area.  My skills include:  Excellent Communication Skills, Determination, Drive and Focus, Leading by Example, Sound Business Acumen.

As a Member of the School Board I am excited to be a part of setting the School up for a Successful Future. By setting Goals/ Targets that we as a School are wanting to achieve and Strategies within a framework on how to achieve these, we can work together to create the very best Learning Experiences for our children and set them up for a successful future.  In the homelessness sector for a not for profit organisation. I have qualifications in Early Childhood teaching and Social Science with a post graduate in domestic violence studies. I have background in early childhood education and youth work, specialising in youth homelessness. I have skills in community development, grants and funding and case management.

Neil Herbert

I am an engineer who has worked in industry and government (Water Corporation). I have a daughter in Year 4.

As well as undertaking planning and design work for Perth and WA’s water supply, I have undertaken a management role and been part of a governance committee. I am nominating for the School Board as I am keen to assist Campbell Primary in further developing its governance and reputation as a high quality school.

Lina Han

Qualifications: NAATI Accredited Interpreter and Translator

Previous Experience related to school settings: more than 7 years ESL teaching

Strength: As an energetic person, I am actively engaged in the Chinese Community activities.

My name is Lina Han, I am the parent of Eva, who is in Kindy at Campbell Primary School. I am a professional NAATI accredited interpreter and translator between mandarin Chinese and English and has abundant interpreting experience in communities and different settings like courts, hospitals, police stations and schools. I am more than happy to offer interpreting services when it is needed at Campbell Primary School. Also, I have more than 7 years ESL teaching experience in China and I am doing the Graduate Diploma of Primary Education at ECU, I hope I could help those kids who speak English as a second language. I am an energetic person and good team player, I love working with children. I believe my voluntary work can make a difference to the culture diversity in our community.

Staff Members

Rebecca Coslani – Assistant Principal

Jessica Battle – Classroom Teacher – Pre Primary

My name is Jessica Battle, I have been teaching at Campbell Primary School for five years. I graduated with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Since being at Campbell Primary School I have taught each year group from Pre Primary to Year Three. My passion for teaching is seeing the students grow as the year/s progress. Outside of teaching I have a strong interest in sport, particularly netball and volleyball. To further my teaching career and to understand more about the running of the school I joined the Board in 2016. I look forward to assisting the school in moving forward, implementing and sustaining programmes to assist all staff and students.

Sarika Suri – Classroom Teacher – Year 3

My name is Sarika Suri, I am a Year 3 teacher and have been teaching at Campbell Primary School for 8 years. I originally come from India, but have lived in Canada for few years before migrating to Australia. I have been teaching for over 18 years and have absolutely enjoyed the opportunity to work with different age groups throughout my teaching career. I have been part of the School Board for the last two years. My interest in School Board is because I am both a parent and staff at Campbell and would like to be actively involved in the process of setting future directions for our school in the best interest of students.

Community Representatives

Nadine Popelier

I believe in the common-sense raising of children in order to strengthen families and communities. I have been on the Campbell School Board for several years, and sit on many other committees within the school.

I have a background in Early Childhood Development, and work in Local government. My skills include protective behaviours, working with community and grant writing. My interests include Basketball, volunteering and learning about culture. I believe that all children should be given an opportunity to be the best they can be.

Kevin Fraser

I am currently Deputy Principal at a local government Senior High School and have over 35 years of experience in public school education in a variety of roles. These include as a Classroom Teacher in Secondary schools teaching Music, English and Instrumental Music along with 10 years as an administrator and school leader. I have lived and worked in Perth Metro area and regional areas and raised his 3 children over this time. I have a deep interest in and commitment to students in a holistic learning environment and developing the whole person within a community through education.


School Board Contact Form




Key Achievements for the School Board 2016

Parents are invited to view the key achievements of the School Board in 2016.

2016 was a productive year for the board.

Campbell School Board Key Achievements


Andrew Van Der Merwe



Minutes 1st August 2016

Minutes 9 May 2016

Minutes 14 March 2016

Minutes 15 Febraury 2016