Excursions and Incursions

There are three methods of payment for excursions and incursions:

  1. Parents are encouraged to use the Mastercard Qkr App; which is an online payment system available on smartphones, ipads, tablet, laptops and desktop computers. Please refer to additional information on this webpage.
  2. Parents may pay by cash, cheque, Eftpos or direct deposit through the school bank account – please contact Administration for more information.
  3. Parents may pay in advance by a lump sum through the Administration as per the Voluntary Contributions and Charges information – when permission for your child to attend the event is received by the Administration the funds will then be allocated. All funds not spent by the end of the year will be carried forward to the following school year or a refund may be requested.


Excursion Notes and Forms – 2018

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Incursion Forms – 2018

West Oz Wildlife

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General Notes – 2018

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