Around the Classrooms 26 November 2020

In Year 3 we have been learning about and writing Didactic Cinquain [ sing-keyn, sing-keyn ]  poems. Students wrote a cinquain poem on a topic of their choice. Students then published their poem on Word using ICT skills they learnt through the year.
The Year 3 classes have also been learning about fractions: focusing on fractions of a whole group, shape or collection of objects and locating fractions on a number line.

The students in Year 4 have been continuing to work hard in all learning areas. In Writing, they are enjoying their unit of work on Poetry and showcasing their use of vocabulary to paint a word picture! In Reading, students have been focusing on identifying the Cause and Effect within texts and explaining how it helps the plot move forward. In Maths, they have begun learning to round money and make purchases using a variety of online catalogues.

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