Around the Classrooms – Music


The Pre-Primary students have been learning about “beat” through rhymes and singing games using body movements, playing instruments and using finger puppets.  They also have been playing the beat on non-tuned and tuned percussion instruments to known class songs.  Pre-primary students have also been introduced to soh and me handsigns and are able to identify and sing class soh me songs using the “Solfa Staircase”.

Year 1

The Year 1 students are learning soh, me and lah solfege handsigns to known singing games as well as using the “Solfa Staircase”.  Year 1 students have been reading and playing simple rhythm patterns to a steady beat on classroom percussion instruments to known songs and backing tracks.

Year 3

Year 3 students have learnt a small range of notes on the recorder and have been working on their White, Yellow and Orange belt songs.  Through this program the students are developing musical literacy skills by reading notes and rhythms on the staff as well as correct recorder techniques.  They also have been learning about ostinato patterns and have been playing simple ostinato patterns to known class songs on tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments.

Year 5

Year 5 students have been learning to play the Ukulele as part of their music program. They have learnt about posture, tuning, the strings of the ukulele, strumming patterns, finger picking and simple chords to short songs.  They are now working on transitioning from one chord to another to increase their ukulele repertoire.  Last term Year 5’s also researched and presented a Keynote presentation on a composer. This term students will be investigating a musical genre as well as deepening their understanding and ability on the ukulele.


The Year 5/6 Choir returned to rehearsal last term in the Undercover Area with social distancing in place while singing.  They have been learning lots of songs from the Massed Choir Festival repertoire which unfortunately Campbell Primary School was not able to participate in this year due to restrictions.  However, we are preparing to perform some of these songs to an audience in week 8 or week 9 this term for a school performance.  Choristers are very excited about this prospect!