Around the Classrooms – Tuesday 13 October 2020

This week in Literacy in Kindy ELT1, they have been learning about the ‘j’ sound after reading the story Jaguar’s Jungleberry. Students also completed a recount of their holidays and have been learning about questions and how to answer them.

In Numeracy, Kindy ELT2 have been focusing on representing numbers to 20 on a tens frame, and using it to check how many students are at school each day. They have also explored where numbers can be found, putting numbers in order and knowing their address.

In Pre primary students have been learning about how to share amounts evenly, and practising strategies to ensure a ‘fair share.’ They are beginning to explore what events happen at certain times of the day, and sequence familiar events in order.

In Literacy, Pre primary have written some amazing recounts of their holidays and all the fun things they did! They continue to build on their decoding skills and fluency with Guided Reading and Tricky Word practice, as well as building words by listening to carefully to all the sounds.

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