Assembly LA12 – 18 February 2021

What an amazing assembly this morning to start the 2021 school year with when LA12 presented an item on “Figurative Speech”.   It was such a fabulous item it was presented again during the day.  Well done Mr Nowell and LA12.

View snippets from the performance below.



You can read the full script below.

LA12 have been learning about figurative language. Figurative language refers to the use of words in a way that is different from their literal meaning. The implied meaning is a more complicated and descriptive one and often refers to something completely different.

Today we present a story about the first day at school as it could be seen through the eyes of the very young.

Our story begins on a beautiful morning…. (a girl drifts across the stage – like a model – holding a story book on her head wearing a sign saying ‘morning’).

The moon was setting … (person wearing a mask in the shape of a moon rushes across the stage and begins to set a table with plates, knives, forks etc. and then rushes off).

And the sun was rising … (person under a blanket hidden from the beginning dressed in pyjamas yawns and stretches and wearily trudges off the stage).

A faint breeze stirred the trees … (enter a person holding large spoons – makes a mock ‘faint’ and uses a spoon to stir small trees placed on the stage in tins of sand).

A pair of friends sat on a bench discussing their fabulous new teacher Mr Nowell and high fiving each other…. (enter a young couple who sit on the bench and hold up large Numero 5 cards. Both remain on stage).

Their friendship was strong … (enter “muscle man flexing muscles and lifting barbells moving across the stage).

As they thought about the year ahead their hearts beat excitedly … (enter two hearts with cake beaters and a character labelled nervously. The hearts beat “Excitedly”).

They stared into each other’s eyes … (couple on the bench pick up two large letter I’s and stare into them).

Just then a strange noise broke the silence … (enter weirdly dressed character making weird noises, picks up sign “Silence” and breaks it in two moving off stage).

The pair of friends jumped up in surprise … (the couple get into a large box labelled ‘Surprise “and jump up and down).

And look toward the skies … (Mr Sky, Mrs Sky and Little Sky move across the stage as the pair stare at them).

The weather was changing … (character enters stage and begins to change screaming as they notice the audience and running off stage).

Suddenly storms began to gather … (children dressed in a Storm rugby/baseball uniform run centre stage and huddle giving a team cry and then rush off).

And thunder rolled … (child does forward rolls all across the stage).

The wind whistled … (child runs on stands centre stage and blows a whistle loudly).

And lightening flashed … (child runs across the stage flashing a large flashlight).

Rain fell in buckets … (children with cardboard raindrops enter carrying buckets – put their foot in the bucket and fall over – then move off the stage).

The young couple raced for cover …  (the friends rush to a table with magazines/newspapers on it and hold these over their heads.

They waited with patience for the rain to stop … (enter two injured and bandaged characters who stand next to the two friends and freeze).

Little did they know that nearby lurked a mysterious figure … (enter two people dressed strangely both carrying boxes done up like Christmas presents).

Suddenly they felt their presence … (couple go over to the mysterious ‘lurkers’ and grab the presents shaking them to hear what may be inside – ‘lurkers’ grab them back and leave stage).

And were filled with fear … (waiter enters and gives them empty cans of ginger beer that they pretend to drink from).

I said fear not ginger beer! … (waiter runs off stage).

Afraid for their lives they ran into the nearest house.  (friends run into a mobile whiteboard decorated like a house).

Pull down the blind … (enter two visually blind characters who get pulled over by the friends).

And drew the curtains … (friends draw pretend curtains on the mobile whiteboard).

With the happy friends feeling safe and secure … (couple hold cardboard labelled ‘Safe’ and ‘Secure’ and feel them).

And thunder rolling … (child does forward rolls all across the stage).

And the wind still whistling … (child runs on stands centre stage and blows a whistle loudly).

And lightening flashing … (child runs across the stage flashing a large flashlight).

Our story ends and the two friend enjoyed the rest of their first week at school.