COVID-19 From the Principal 24 March 2020 4.00pm

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I wish to thank you all for your ongoing support and understanding as we navigate our way through such unprecedented times. From personal conversations I am having with families I get great assurance that we are working as a community to best support good health for all and I urge you to continue to show kindness and care of all. I also greatly appreciate that parents are supporting our requests for social distancing when on the grounds and not entering the classrooms.

I encourage you all to continue to refer to the school’s webpage and Facebook page to ensure you are receiving the information we are sending out.  In addition to these means of communication, the school is now able to send home notices and upload notes/information via the Campbell PS Connect page to the whole school community at once. A notification will be sent home this afternoon via Connect with this note uploaded to the library.  If you do not receive a notification via Connect this afternoon, please email to resolve. It is vital that the school can contact all parents immediately at this time so please action if required.

I also advise that some of our staff may need to access their leave entitlements at this difficult time. We appreciate your understanding of this.

Some more recent Government and School updates are listed below for you. I will continue to update you regularly, as things are changing daily in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Department and Government Updates

New border controls – international and interstate travel

All non-essential travel in and out of Western Australia will be banned from 1.30pm on Tuesday, 24 March, 2020.

New restrictions and arrival requirements to travel to Western Australia from other Australian States and Territories in response to COVID-19 will apply unless exempted. Arrivals from interstate will be ordered to self-isolate for 14 days.

All of the above also applies to all parents/carers, contractors, visitors and volunteers on school sites.

COVID-19 Curriculum support guidelines

Provision of online access to resources for parents, caregivers and students is now available.  This will be through the Department of Education Learning at home website.  Resources will continue to be added to this site over the coming weeks.

Our teachers will continue to use Connect as their primary source of teaching resources.  The materials published on the Learning at home website will also be available in Connect.

It is very important that parents ensure that they are able to access connect and to contact the school if you are experiencing problems.

School Actions in response to COVID-19

School Generated Work Packages

Work packages that have been designed by the Year level staff and are being sent home through email at this stage. If we experience school closure these will be made available to all families through Connect.

If your child is at home due to self-isolation and or concerns regarding COVID-19 and you have not received the work package please email your child’s teacher.  Please also be advised that our teachers are already going above and beyond in providing a work package at this time and are continuing to provide a face to face teaching programme at school, they are therefore are not expected to mark, or provide personal feedback on work sent home within these packages. This situation will change if there is pre-emptive school closure.

As of today all Soundwaves and PRIME maths books will be sent home each day. This prevents parents from having to come back to school to collect if we have to close or parents/carers need to, or choose to keep their children at home. If your child is coming back to school, please ensure that the books are returned each day.

Social Distancing and Hygiene

We are educating all students on Social Distancing and ensuring this can be followed whenever is possible.

High levels of hygiene are being enforced with all students washing their hands before and after recess and lunch.

No sharing of stationery has been implemented across the school from K to Year 6.

School Canteen

Regrettably we have had to close the school canteen. Due to extensive absences from school, the order level has continued to decline, with less than 10 orders today.

School Programs Postponed:

Year 6 Enrichment


IMMS programmes

Once again I sincerely thank you for your support of the school and wish you and your family the best of health.


Lynne Bates