Creative Schools Weeks 4-5, Term 3 2021

In session 4, we started with a collaborative warm up. In this warm up we had to have four players holding the corners of a blanket. Then, we put a ball on the blanket and we had to lift the blanket to throw the ball and catch it. We needed to move with the ball and catch it, so everyone had to be collaborative and attentive.


In session 5, Trudi started with a riddle warmup which consisted of drawing shapes on the board. This made us look at the drawing even though the drawing had nothing to do with the answer of the riddle. Trudi put her hands on her hips which made us finally find out what the riddle was. We had to challenge our assumptions.

In both of these weeks, we worked on our own game design.  We completed our branching and tried out our games by sharing them with another group. Next week, we will be giving and receiving feedback on what was good and what could be improved.

From the Year 6 Campbell Primary School Students.