Cross Country 26 June 2020

We are holding a modified Cross Country event this year. Students from Pre-primary to Year 6 will take part on Friday 26 June 2020. Students will run set distances around the oval, with spectators invited to watch from outside the oval fences. To support social distancing measures, parents are asked to attend for their child’s event at the time stated below and then leave to ensure other parents can watch their children run.

Whilst we acknowledge that this event will not look as it normally does, we know you will appreciate the importance students having the opportunity to demonstrate their long distance running skills.

Year 6 Girls 9:00am Boys 9:15am
Pre-Primary Girls 9:30am Boys 9:45am
Year 1 Girls 10:00am Boys 10:15am
Year 2 Girls 11:00am Boys 11:15am
Year 4 Girls 11:30am Boys 11:45pm
Year 3 Girls 12:00pm Boys 12:15pm
Year 5 Girls 12:30pm Boys 12:45pm