Cross Country Friday 28 June 2019

The Campbell Primary School faction cross country carnival will be held in Week 9 on Friday 28 June 2019, with the Year Pre-primary to Year 2 students running 700m, Year 3-4 students 1100m and Year 5-6 students 1500m (approx. distances).

Students are encouraged to wear their faction T-shirts and suitable running shoes.  If students require an asthma puffer they are required to bring this to the event and can run with them if need be.

Students are not to colour their hair for cross country.

Students have the opportunity to purchase a Boost Juice after their race, flavours to choose from are Mango Tango and Berry Bliss, the cost of this is $6.50.  If your child would like a juice, please ensure they bring the correct money in an envelope and give it to their class teacher on the day.  Lady Latte Coffee will also be available for parents to purchase.

Pre-primary to Year 2 winners will receive their ribbons at the finish line while Year 3-6 winners will receive their medallions with a presentation in the Undercover Area at 1.50pm.

Cross Country Flyer