Cross Country Results

The Campbell Primary School Cross Country was held last Friday 27 June 2020 and was a great success. All the students from Pre-primary to Year 6 who competed showed great resilience and determination to complete all their laps and gain faction points. Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Cross Country and to Fraser for taking out the Cross Country 2020 Fraction Shield.

The 2020 Cross Country winners

Pre-primary Champion Girl – Nuveena P Fraser
Champion Boy – Graylen M Bradman
Year 1 Champion Girl – Kiarra P Fraser
Champion Boy – D’Shawn H Longley
Year 2 Champion Girl – Jorja E Strickland
Champion Boy – Grayson B Strickland
Year 3 Champion Girl – Rebecca H Bradman
Champion Boy – Jy L  Fraser
Year 4 Champion Girl – Sienna S  Bradman
Champion Boy – Harrison P Longley
Year 5 Champion Girl – Charlotte B Strickland
Champion Boy – Jordan B Strickland
Year 6 Champion Girl – Grier S Fraser
Champion Boy – Chase M Bradman


Faction Points

1: Fraser 409

2: Strickland 385

3: Bradman 345

4: Longley 336