Cross Country Event Tomorrow Friday 26 June 2020

Please be advised that we are planning on running the Faction Cross Country event tomorrow. Please be aware that due to possible showers tomorrow, the following considerations needs to be made:

  • It is unlikely that the proposed times scheduled we be adhered to as we may need to delay or bring forward races due to the weather. Whilst every effort will be made to keep to times, the priority will be ensuring all students complete their race at some point tomorrow.
  • Parents coming to watch races will be asked to do so from outside the oval fence. As students are running laps this year, this will provide a good view. We request that adults ensure social distancing requirements during these times and be mindful that you may need to move away once your child has completed their race to allow others the space to view races.
  • Student must wear appropriate footwear, with joggers/sneakers having good grip to avoid slipping if there are wet conditions. No spikes/studs permitted.
  • Students are asked to wear their faction shirts tomorrow. Please, no coloured hair spray for tomorrow.
  • Students may wish to bring a change of clothes and socks or a warmer jacket to wear after their race. Students will not be running in the rain but damp conditions may result in them getting wet during the race.
  • A first aid staff member will be onsite at the event. Students with asthma are asked to carry a ventolin puffer with them during the event.

We look forward to what will be an exciting and hopefully, dry day for our Faction Cross Country event tomorrow.