Dance Choreography Process – Week 1 Let’s Talk

Join the Year 3 students on their journey through the Choreography Process. Tune in each week for an update on their progress exploring their theme of Australian Landmarks. This example of integration links to Geography and allows students to strengthen connections and ensure rich learning in the classroom and in the Dance room. Enjoy!

Week 1 Let’s Talk

The first stage of the Choreography Process involves working together as a whole class to discuss our new theme. This can involve reading a text, looking at art work or listening to a piece of music. Students share their ideas, feeling and connections. In this task, Year 3 students viewed photographs of Australian landmarks. They made immediate connections to their learning in Geography. Students were asked to name the landmark, locate the state it was in and classify it as either natural or constructed. They then worked with a ‘shoulder buddy’ to brainstorm words they associate with each picture/landmark before sharing with the whole class.

Dance Choreography Process – Week 1 Let’s Talk from Campbell Primary School on Vimeo.