Earn and Learn Sticker Final Tally

A huge thank you and appreciation for the assistance provided to collect, collate and count the 64,940 Earn and Learn stickers given to our school by the Campbell community shopping at Woolies:

  • The P&C assisted greatly by advertising the collection on their Facebook page, and checking on boxes that we had distributed at four local stores in our community.
  • The canteen supervised eager students placing stickers on sheets.
  • The eager students across all year levels who showed their fine motor skills of peeling and sticking.
  • The Education Assistants and other Teachers who took opportunities through their busy days to assemble bundles so the job to count was made easier.
  • To Sue Forman – Manager Corporate Services for going out of her way at the beginning of the school holidays to co-sign the paperwork.

We can swap the points for items such as paper, paints, glues etc for all Years and Specialist Teams to use.