First Place – Canning Show Schools Display Challenge

At a recent assembly Campbell Primary School was presented with a $500 cheque from the Canning Agricultural Recreational and Horticultural Society after winning first place in the Canning Show Schools Display Challenge.


“Supporting Local & Rural Emergency Services”

The ELT2A Kindergarten class at Campbell Primary School think Emergency Service workers and volunteers are heroes.

The students were exposed to literature and pictorial evidence to focus on the difference and similarities of urban, rural and remote locations as well as non-fiction and fiction texts to engage their thinking about the variety of emergency services available in Western Australia.

Viewing pictures or using ourselves in scenarios allowed us to determine what emergency could occur and how they could have been prevented or how best they could be attended.

Play is the way we learn so dramatic areas were set up to allow students to role play with protective clothing, uniforms and equipment that connected their growing understanding and table top tasks and whole group discussions about specific Emergency Service workers and volunteers.

We used meaningful experiences of others to highlight the problem of service availability in areas that are not designed with close neighbours or are attractive but have difficult landscapes.

We decided no matter where we live in this state (urban, rural and remote) people just can’t live without emergency service workers and volunteers.