Frequently Asked Questions & Answers PHASE 3 COVID-1

PHASE 3 COVID Operational Guidelines

As of Week 7, Monday 8 June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

With the advent of Phase 3 restrictions, there will be a number of changes to our operations, please read this information carefully.  A letter from the Principal has been sent home to parents via Connect, Facebook and the school’s website.

Can I drop and pick up my child from the classroom?

Whilst parents are permitted back into the school for drop off and pick up and pre-organised meetings, we are limited to the number we can have on the school grounds at any one time (100 over the whole site) and physical distancing must be maintained. In a school our size this means one year level at a time. This is really not workable so we request that parents of students in Pre-primary to Year 6 maintain the current organisation of dropping off and picking up from the gates, with the exception of Kindergarten students. Refer to letter from the Principal.

Is there still a staggered finish time for the Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Year One students?

Yes – Students will continue to be dismissed at 2.40pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 2.20pm on Wednesday.

Are the older siblings of students in K, PP and Year One being released early too?

Yes – Siblings will be directed to join the youngest siblings’ class for parent collection.

Will students in Year 2 to Year 6 be released early?

No – Students will be released at the normal time from their classroom.

Can I go into my child’s classroom?

No – due to social distancing requirements.

Can I meet face to face with my child’s teacher?

Yes – parent meetings can be held on site. Social distancing will be required. Please phone or email should you wish to make an appointment.

All visitors are required to sign in at the administration office.

Is the School Administration open to parents and the community?

Yes – social distancing will be required. Email and telephone calls are encouraged.

 Is the cleaning regime being maintained?

Yes – Cleaning will continue to follow the DoE guidelines for cleaning.

Will all the playgrounds on the school site be open now?


 Can my child play on the playgrounds after school?

No – due to cleaning requirements, playgrounds will continue to be out of bounds after school.

Is the canteen open?

Yes –  the canteen is open with a full menu. Orders can be made online or with cash in the drop box. The canteen is not currently open before school. Staff will be adhering to Health Department Regulations.

Are third-party providers allowed on site? Eg. Therapists

Yes – ensuring adherence to physical distancing requirements, enhanced cleaning and minimising contact with the broader school population.

Will assemblies resume?

No –  due to the restriction of 100 people within an area.’

Can my child go to PEAC?


Will Cross Country be held?

Yes –  more information to be advised.

Will interschool sport be held?

To be advised.

Will swimming be held next term?

To be advised.

Will there be any excursions or incursions?

These may be able to resume; however, the Phase 3 COVID-19 restrictions will need to be taken into account for travel and venues.

Are volunteers allowed on site?

Canteen only at this stage.

When will the P&C Second Hand Uniform shop open?

To be advised and social distancing will apply.