Dear parents/carers,

Given the snap 3-day lockdown, we are once again reminded that we need to be prepared for more uncertainty at any time. I do hope that all families managed the lockdown with little consequence. Whilst I imagine this caused some disappointment for you, I am sure you would agree that it pales in significance to what is happening as a result of this pandemic around the world, particularly India at present. As many of the Campbell Primary School community have family in India, we express our most sincere wishes for your family’s well-being.  We are most fortunate to be living here in WA.

Following the Premier’s announcement to lift the lockdown, we now enter a post-lockdown transition period until 12.01am, Saturday 1 May.

This afternoon, principals were invited to meet via WebEx with the Director General (DG) – Lisa Rodgers. She has advised of some preliminary operational matters pertaining to the post lock-down operations of schools, with the published operational guidelines to be released in the very near future. The DG’s general message was for us to minimise parents on-site for the next 4 days. More information will follow tomorrow morning subject to the response from the Health Department. At this early stage, the following applies:

  • Parents/carers are requested to only be on-site, to drop off and pick up your child/ren, however, you need to wear masks, sanitise and abide by the social distancing rule of 1.5 metres. 
  • Staff will continue to provide the option of drop off and pick up at the gates, with staff present to ensure your child/ren enter the school grounds safely.
  • All parent-teacher face-to-face interviews will be postponed for this week.
  • Parent helper rosters are postponed for this week also.
  • All staff will wear masks unless they have medical reason not to.  Teachers are allowed to remove their mask when giving instruction.  I ask that parents, particularly those of younger students, speak to their children about teachers wearing masks before arriving at school tomorrow and assure them that teachers are wearing masks for safety reasons.
  • Primary school students do not need to wear masks.
  • The school’s canteen will remain open.
  • The school’s playgrounds will remain open and will continue to be cleaned each afternoon.
  • The school continues to have cleaning during break times.
  • Students will continue to regularly sanitise.
    • The safety of staff and students is a priority and extra cleaning and hygiene measures continue. The latest health information is available through WA Health Department.

I will provide further information as it becomes available and thank you all for helping us to all stay safe during this pandemic.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the school.

Kind regards,

Lynne Bates