FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Phase 3 Drop Off and Pick Up as at 8 June 2020

Dear parents/carers,

Thank you all for what has been an exceptional response to the many strategies we have needed to put in place in response to COVID 19 restrictions.  With us entering Phase 3, and the easing of restrictions, we are now able to allow parents back on site. There are, however, some WA Health Department guidelines around this, in that we are required to limit the number of people on site to 100 with physical distancing of one person per 2 square meters and good hygiene practices applied. Given we have 470 families at Campbell Primary School this will be very difficult to manage. As always, the safety and the well-being of our students and community remains of paramount importance. As such we have considered ways in which we can best accommodate our families and ensure we follow the WA Health Department guidelines. The age of students has been considered in our management of parents on-site and the current number restrictions.

Firstly, we encourage all parents to drop their child/ren at the gates as we have been doing for several weeks. One of the exceptional benefits of this arrangement has been the increased independence and resiliency of our students. Staff will continue to greet students at the gates and ensure they get to class safely. Parents, at this stage, will not be able to enter classrooms in the mornings due to the social distancing requirements.

Given the age of students in Kindergarten, we do appreciate that parents may want to drop off and pick up their child at the classroom door. This will be supported, however, parents must adhere to the 2 square meter social distancing requirement whilst in this area.

There will be 6 marked Kiss and Drop car park bays near the Kindergarten and Pre-primary gates to support traffic flow for parents dropping off in the Kindergarten and Pre-primary students.

Kindergarten, Pre-primary students will continue to be dismissed earlier at 2:40 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 2:20 pm on Wednesday. Parents should collect their child/ren and leave the premises promptly to allow for the next flow of pick-up time.

Year 1 students will also be dismissed early, at 2:40 pm, and will be dismissed to parents at the Comrie Road gates, as we have done over the last few weeks.

Siblings of children in Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Year 1 will also be released early to join the youngest siblings class for parent collection.

Students in Year 2 to Year 6 will be dismissed at the normal school time of 2:50 pm or 2:30 pm on Wednesday. Parents are advised to ensure that their child/ren are aware of where you will be picking them up. Parents of students in Year 2 may wish to drop off and collect their child from their classroom. If this is necessary, please use the gate at the side of the Administration block or the Gate on Campbell Road., this will reduce the congestion of adults.  It is important that you adhere to social distancing guidelines whilst waiting to collect your child.

I invite parents that may have extenuating circumstances, that require them to pick their child up from within the premises to discuss this with me.

I appreciate these times are challenging for you, as they are for us. Our focus will remain on following the Phase 3 guidelines and ensuring the safety and well-being of all staff, students and their families. Your anticipated support is so greatly appreciated.

I will continue to communicate any changes to operational procedure within our school as they arise. If you have any questions and or queries, regarding the procedures outlined please contact me.

Please stay well.

Lynne Bates


Campbell Primary School