Getting to Know the Staff at Campbell

This week we would like you to get to know two more of our wonderful staff – Mrs McCormick (LA3) and Mrs O’Neill (LA6).
Name: Erin McCormick
Year Level and LA: Year 4, LA13
Favourite Food: Dumplings, salads, cheese, salt & vinegar chips
Favourite Drink: Coffee, tonic water
Favourite Holiday Spots: Busselton, Melbourne, Shrewsbury (Mr McCormick’s hometown)
Favourite Movie: Harry Potter, Sing 2 (it gets watched a lot in my house!)
What is your favourite game? AFL (go Geelong!) or netball
Hobbies: Spending time with my two sons, going to the gym, shopping
What is your favourite thing about working at Campbell? The students are wonderful! The way they engage in learning and support each other makes it a very special place to work 🙂
Name: Rebecca O’Neill
Year Level and LA: Y1 /PP
Favourite Food: Butter Chicken Curry
Favourite Drink: Chinese Tea
Favourite Holiday Spot: Denmark, WA or Paris
Favourite Movie: My Best Friends Wedding
What is your favourite game? Cluedo or tennis
Hobbies: Reading, going to see live music
What is your favourite thing about working at Campbell
The other teachers that I work with, as well as the lovely community.