Holiday Reading Challenge – Hop to it…..

Term 2 Holiday Reading Challenge 2022

Campbell Primary School students, we challenge you to complete our Holiday Reading Challenge over the next two weeks. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Just follow these steps, and then return your completed recording sheet to your teacher in week 1 of Term 2.

Step 1 – Never stop reading

 We challenge you to read (or be read to) at least 5 times each week over the holiday break for 15-20 minutes each time. You can choose books from your home library, our school library or even take some time to visit your local community library.

Step 2 – Record your reads

Each time you read, record the book that you read and the date on the recording sheet.

You might like to also make a poster of your favourite book or create a digital one to share with your class in Term 2. Your teachers will invite you to share your work with the class in Week 1 of Term 2.

Teachers will be on the lookout for some great creations to share with our Principal and Assistant Principals and for our library display.

Step 3 – Reading = Rewards

 Bring your completed recording sheet signed by a parent or carer to your class teacher by Wednesday 27 April 2022.  All students who complete the challenge will be invited to celebrate with a special reward next term. You will also go on the reading challenge hall of fame and be in the running to win a great book prize.

 You can find MAGIC wherever you look.

Sit back and RELAX all you need is a BOOK.

-Dr Seuss.

  Happy holidays and happy reading!

Kind regards,
Campbell Primary School Teachers

To download a copy of the April Holiday Reading Challenge please click HERE