Holiday Reading Challenge – July Holidays

Once again we encourage our students to participate in the holiday reading challenge.

Step 1 – Read, read, read

We challenge you to read (or be read to) at least 5 times each week over the holiday break for 15-20 minutes each time.

Step 2 – Sharing is caring

Kindy-PP students: Ask your parents to write the titles of your books on the pyjama stripes of B1 and B2.

You might also like to create a picture or poster about a book you read.

Year 2-6 students: You can choose to write the titles of your books on the bookshelves, or create a poster about your books (paper or digitally).

Students will then be invited to share their work with their class during the first week of Term 3.

Teachers will be on the lookout for some great creations to share with our principal and assistant principals.

Step 3 – Reward Time

Bring your completed sheet with this note signed and hand it in to your teacher by Tuesday 20 July. All students who complete the challenge will be invited to celebrate by wearing their pyjamas and watching a movie together. You will also go on the reading challenge hall of fame and be in the running to win a great book prize.

For more information and the record sheets please click on the below links:

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