LA23 Assembly Item – Big Rain Coming

LA23 presented a fabulous item at the assembly yesterday based on the Aboriginal Story Book “Big Rain Coming” written by Katrina Germein and Illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft.

The story takes place in an Aboriginal community in the North of Australia, where there are really only two seasons, the wet and the dry.  The land is dry and arid from the summer heat, and everyone is waiting for the rain to come. In the meantime animals and people find ways to cool down – kids sleep under the moonlight, they swim in billabongs, dogs dig holes under the ground to stay cool and even the frogs are thirsty. 

In class, students have learnt about Aboriginal communities, discussed different seasons and looked at how these communities tell  Dreaming stories.  They have also written a class book of made up Aboriginal Dreaming stories, based on their learning. 

Photos from LA23 Assembly Item – Big Rain Coming, Thursday 15 August 2019