Leaving Campbell in 2022?

We are now planning for the 2022 school year. To assist with planning we ask that if your child/ren are changing schools in 2022 that you please advise the school as a matter of priority.  This information affects our plans for accommodating students and their needs for next year.

Please email Susan.Forman@education.wa.edu.au advising your child’s name/s and the school that they will be moving to.

Or complete the quick survey at https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-RaA4P3Ru0yDsLdutDYWJ8dxb5NZCzxFnp_NZlw1pFhURVpQOUo3NFNCMjM4MU9YOTgzV1dNWjRTMi4u