Nice Words and Compliments

At Campbell Primary School we value your feedback. It was lovely to receive this feedback from a parent this week.
“I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how much the kids are loving Science at the moment, thanks to Mr Dietrich.
My son has said specifically “I didn’t know I could be smart at Science” and my daughter said “she is learning things and it is sticking in her head”.
To be honest my son has never enjoyed Science, it used to be his least favourite subject, and now he not only looks forward to it but is invested in it and is talking about experiments and what they are learning. It’s the holy grail! Family members have stopped in on two different occasions this week and when asked about how school is going both have talked about Science without being prompted in any way. That is what actually made me think I should send you this feedback!
I need to scrub up on my basic knowledge, now they are talking about stuff they are learning at home I don’t want to get left behind.
I feel very lucky that the kids are getting this level of engagement.” – Parent 2021.
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