Personal Items Usage List

Last week  all 2019 Kindergarten to Year Five students received a Personal Items Usage list. Parents with children who are enrolled in Kindergarten 2020 will be issued theirs at the Information Session on Wednesday 6 November 2019.  If you were unable to attend that session you will receive the list along with other information through Australia Post.

This year the school has looked at the lists closely in an effort to reduce the overall cost to parents for their child/ren’s stationery.

If you wish to use the service provided by Ziggies Educational Supplies, please return completed forms to the School Administration NO LATER than Friday 15 November 2019.  No later orders can be accepted.

A reminder by returning your list by this date you are helping to raise funds for the school community to use in 2020 to purchase resources for the students.  This has become a valuable commission to the school.

Orders can also be placed online until Wednesday 20 November 2019 – please see the information provided on the personal items usage list.

Copies of the Personal Items Usage Lists for all years are available on our website here.