Pre-primary Students Celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday November 7 2019, Pre-primary students at Campbell Primary School celebrated the Outdoor Classroom Day initiative. This recognises the positive impact learning outdoors has on student engagement. Throughout the day, students participated in a variety of different outdoor learning activities with their individual class.

ELA 1 students visited both nature play areas as part of a Mathematics data investigation.

  • Students sketched and labelled diagrams of the nature play spaces
  • They had an opportunity to explore through the nature play zones
  • Students conducted a survey to gather information about which play space was the most liked by their peers. The senior nature play space was deemed the most liked.

ELA 2 students were involved in a selection of group activities.

  • Playground Vowel Hunt – working in partners to search for hidden words, followed by sorting the words into hoops based on the middle vowel sound
  • Write the Playground – using a digraph strip featuring digraph sounds they have learnt (ee, oo, th, sh, ch etc.) to explore the outside space in order to generate words to match (e.g. shed)
  • Segmenting Words – using picture cards of CCVC (flag, trap) and CVCC (maps, lock) words to sort into hoops
  • Tricky Words – reading and writing tricky words with water colours on paper
  • Story time – reading a story and making connections

ELA 3 students also participated outdoors with the following activities.

  • Balancing with items in the playground
  • Throwing beanbags into hoops to answer addition questions
  • Building towers
  • Sorting objects