Principal’s Address – 11 February 2021

Dear Parents/carers,

What an interesting start to the school year with adults required to wear face masks as part of the post lockdown guidelines. I must say it has been so impressive to note that our parent community, staff and students have managed such restrictions and requirements with responsibility and resilience; with our students in particular maintaining the well-established routines of social distancing and sanitising. I thank everyone for this as it has continued to make our school a safe and very hygienic space.

I have visited all classes this week and it has been such a delight to see just how excited and happy our students are to be back at school. The staff have ensured that their classrooms are stimulating, orderly and safe spaces for our students. I thank them for this.  A special thank you to all parents and carers for ensuring your children are well-prepared for their schooling with books and uniforms. I am confident that, once again, the year ahead will bring us much to celebrate.

School Start time and Duty of Care

For the first week of school we offered an extended start time to ensure that parents could visit their child/ren’s classroom.  Now that the students have settled into the routines, the school start time, will revert to normal, that is 8:40 am. A teacher will be on duty in the Boulevard area from 8:10 am. Students that arrive at school before 8:10 am are to sit outside the administration office opposite the staff room. They will be dismissed from here, to the Boulevard area, at 8:10 am. Students should not arrive at school before 8:00 am.

Drop-off and Pick–up at the Gates

Once again we will have staff and administration at the gates each morning and encourage parents to drop off and pick up from the gates. Please do, however, ensure your child knows where to meet you at the end of the day.

Parents and carers, can of course, walk their child/ren to their classroom, however, you are urged to not undo the good work of 2020, where we supported our students to become independent. Students should unpack their own bags and prepare themselves for the day.

Parents on the school grounds are also reminded to practise social distancing and observe the nominated number of adult visitors in each classroom.


It is with sadness that again at this time of the year we have been impacted by significant bushfires, this time within our state. The school staff offer our sincere sympathy to all families that may have been affected by the bushfires in recent weeks. We wish to remind our families that we have a school chaplain who is available if any family or student is experiencing emotional distress due to these events. Our 2021 student leaders will be coordinating a fundraiser to raise funds for those families impacted by the fires.

Parents are also reminded that our school has a Bushfire Policy which is located on the school’s webpage. I encourage all families to read through this policy.

Fire Drill Campbell Primary School

Regular bushfire drills occur throughout the year in order to prepare both staff and students for such an event if required. We encourage families to also develop a family plan, for home in the event of a fire.

School Canteen

We are pleased to advise that as of the 15 February 2021, the school canteen will commence operation. The canteen will be open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday only, for both lunch and recess. We welcome the canteen staff Del and Carmen to our school. Del and Carmen are very eager to have parent volunteers in the canteen. Please phone or email the school to let us know you are interested. Alternatively, pop in and see the ladies in the canteen.

Assistant Principals- Year Level Leadership

Paige Goodsell: Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Year 1 and 2.

Mandy Slee: Year 3 and Year 4.

Mandy Ward: Year 5 and Year 6.

Please note that Mrs Ward will work in administration from Monday to Wednesday, Mrs Slee will work in administration from Wednesday to Friday.

Staffing 2021

We welcome the following staff to Campbell:

Mrs Tan- Kindergarten and Pre-primary

Ms Vanessa Plewright – Replacing Sue Forman whilst she is on leave.

Staff returning from leave include:

Mrs O’Neill and Mrs Battle.


I would like to congratulate Mrs Rebecca Coslani who was merit selected as Principal at High Wycombe Primary School at the end of last year.  Mrs Coslani was a highly valued leader at Campbell Primary School. We wish her all the best and thank her for her significant contribution to the education of Campbell students.

Parent Information Sessions

Teachers will be uploading their parent information sessions next week. You will receive notification of this through CONNECT.

Parent information booklets will also be uploaded on CONNECT. Please take the time to view the video presentations prepared by Year levels and the Specialist team.

Individual Parent Meetings are scheduled for week 6 of this term with an early close on 10 March, 2021. Please ensure that you schedule a time, when the parent interview bookings open on 24 February, 2021.

Mobile Phones – Students

Parents are asked to read the school’s mobile phone policy, which is now available on the school website at

Parents who wish their child to bring a mobile phone to school are asked complete the Parent Permission Form from the school administration or print via the link below.


Kind regards,

Lynne Bates