Principal’s Address 21 September 2021

Dear parents/carers, staff and students,

As we approach the end of Term 3, I would like to thank and acknowledge the efforts of the staff and students. I continue to reflect on how fortunate I am to work alongside such exceptional staff and such a supportive school community. There have certainly been a lot of wonderful events across the school this term but none as wonderful as our recent Faction Carnival. A big thank you to all students for your exemplary sportsmanship and participation on the day.



Recently parents of Year 3 and 5 students would have received their child’s NAPLAN report. I trust that you spent time with your child celebrating successes and efforts. The school has now also received our results compared to WA school Mean and National Mean. Once again our results are above both National and State Means. What is most pleasing is that our results compared to Like Schools is also very positive. We are still awaiting more information to further determine specific results in each area tested against Like Schools. We look forward to sharing our results with families early next term.


WA Education Awards

It is so pleasing to note that several of the schools in the network have finalists in these awards. Special congratulations to Mr Paul Bottcher – Principal at Canning Vale College for his school being listed as a finalist in the Secondary School award category. I also wish to thank the many parents and students that have taken the time to stop and congratulate me personally on being selected as a finalist for the Primary Principal category. The judges attended the school on Thursday this week and spoke to many students, staff, and families and went away very impressed with our school. I am very fortunate to work in this community.


Parent Opinion Survey

It is time again to seek feedback from families on the school I have sent out the link to this survey through CONNECT. Please take the 5 minutes to let us know how you feel about the school. There are only 20 questions and a space for comments is also included. I hope to receive many parent responses so that the information collated can be used to its best intent.


COVID-19 Phase 5

Thank you to all families for completing the recent survey regarding access to technology at home. This data has now been collated and we will be ensuring that families that have little or no access to technology will be supported through the provision of home packages. These packages will be put together early next term and distributed to those families identified. This will mean that if we do enter a lockdown that families will already have access to materials.


Reminder of Phase 5 COVID-19 guidelines:

  • Physical distancing of 1.5 metres between adults should be maintained, where possible.
  • Staff, students and parents must stay home when sick.
  • Avoiding unnecessary physical contact and physical greetings (e.g. handshakes, hugs etc.).

The students have continued to maintain high levels of hygiene throughout the day. I thank parents for continuing to promote this at home also.

It has been such a delight to be able to return to our normal assemblies with many parents attending. We have also been able to run parent workshops once again, and have generally just greatly enjoyed having more families on site.


Open Night

We are very much looking forward to seeing all families attend the Open Night on Wednesday 22 September. Specialist classes and the library are open from 5.00pm, and classrooms from 6.00pm- 7.00pm. The students have worked exceptionally hard over the course of the year and this is a wonderful opportunity for you to celebrate their efforts. A reminder that there will be a sausage sizzle and drinks available on the evening for purchase (cash only). Thank you to the P&C and our volunteers for making this available to the community.


School Events: Parent Sign in through QR Codes

Parents are reminded that all school events will now invite you to check in through a QR code, this ensures we have records of all parents/carers and visitors on site. Please note this is not the WA Safe App. Simply scan the QR code with your camera and answer the questions. If this process on your phone does not work, please just use the sign in sheets. Sign in sheets will also be available across several points in the school. All records of attendance on site are destroyed after 28 days.


P&C and School Board

I wish to acknowledge the amazing efforts of the members of both the P&C and School Board. We have had a very successful year with fundraising, community events, and our school board is working with us to develop the next Business Plan. The engagement of families is greatly appreciated.


Colour Fun Run

This P&C event will be held on Friday afternoon, please read notices that have been posted on Facebook and the website for further information. We look forward to many parents coming along to watch the fun.


Staffing Term 4

Farewell Mrs Battle

Mrs Battle is on leave from the end of Term 3 for the remainder of the year. We wish Mrs Battle all the very best as she prepares for the arrival of her baby.  Miss Porter will be working in Year 5 LA11 with Mrs Cunningham for the remainder of the term. We welcome Miss Porter to the school.



In order to access the full curriculum, and give your child the best chance of success, the Department of Education recommends the attendance rate of 95%.

Next week attendance letters will be sent home to all families where a child’s absenteeism has placed them at indicated risk. Whilst we understand that some absences are due to illness it is still important that parents are advised of the rate of attendance for their child.

We are here to support you with your child’s attendance. Please contact us if you require any further assistance in helping your child to improve their attendance so that they can optimise their learning opportunities.

The below chart gives a breakdown of the amount of time missed in a year, and if maintained, how it impacts on the future education of your child.

Period of Absence

(Years 1-10)

Rate of Attendance Equivalent School Missed
Average of 5 Days per term 90% 1 Year
1 Day Per Week 80% 2 Years
1.5  Days a week 70% 3 Years
2 Days Per Week 60% 4 Years
3 Days per Week 40% 6 years
5 Weeks per term 50% 5 Years


Class Placement 2022

The process of creating class lists for the 2022 school year will commence in Term 4. Parents who feel they have relevant information pertaining to the placement of their child in 2022 should advise me in writing. All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal and be received no later than 4:00 pm, Monday, 1 November 2021. Parents are advised that requests for specific teachers and or requests for non-placement in composite classes or tandem arrangements are not considered. The school does not view these arrangements as detrimental to students’ academic or social development. Parents should also be aware that correspondence provided to the Principal will be considered by staff, but does not guarantee a particular outcome being sought by parents.

The Campbell Primary School’s Class Placement Guidelines is available on the school’s website I encourage all parents to read this document as it clearly defines the rigorous process undertaken to place students each year.


Grounds Update

Refurbishment of the Year 6 boys toilets.

A commitment made by Mark McGowan and Terry Healy MLA, Member for Southern River to allocate $20,000 in contributing towards refurbishing toilet blocks at Campbell Primary School has now been completed and it looks fantastic.

We are still waiting for the signage for the Kiss and Drop area. The school’s directional signage was installed on Monday, and it looks fantastic. Classroom blocks are named after local animals to the area with the indigenous names being used.


Voluntary Contributions

A huge thank you to the families that have paid their voluntary contributions we are still very much in need of parents paying their child’s contributions.

How to Make Payments

Payment of Contributions can be paid via the QKR! by MasterCard app at any time.

Payment of Contributions can also be made at the school office by cash, cheque or EFTPOS or by direct deposit into the school bank account

Campbell PS                BSB 066 040                Acct No. 1990 1017

Please note child’s name in details

Progress payments are welcome and can be paid at the School Administration or by direct deposit into the school bank account (listed above).

Should you have an enquiry relating to the topic of Contributions & Charges please contact the School Administration.



Please be reminded that Monday 11 October 2021 is a Staff Development day and as such students do not attend school on this day. Students commence Term 4 on Tuesday 12 October 2021.

I wish all families a wonderful break and I hope that you get plenty of time to rest and enjoy time with your families. Stay safe.

Kind regards

Lynne Bates