Principal’s Address 24 June 2021

Dear parents/carers, staff and students,

As this is the last principal address for the term, I would like to wish both staff and students a very safe and relaxing holiday.  Term 2 has been another very busy and highly productive term at Campbell and I am sure that everyone is now looking forward to the break. I also extend a huge thank you to the wonderful staff at Campbell Primary School. Their dedication to a quality education for every student is to be commended. I also thank all parents for your support of the school over the course of Semester 1.

COVID-19 Phase 5

I thank you all for the support you have shown the school in following the many COVID-19 restrictions over the course of this year and last year. It is very pleasing to now be in Phase 5. This sees a relaxing of restrictions around COVID- 19.

The Phase 5 COVID-19 guidelines are noted below:

  • Venue capacity rule of two square metres per adult no longer applies.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5 metres between adults should be maintained, where possible.

All school activities may operate with the ongoing promotion and practise of good hygiene principles (see Health, Hygiene and Cleaning notes below), physical distancing of 1.5 metres between adults, where possible.

Health, hygiene and cleaning

Each person has a responsibility to protect themselves and others. This is achieved through the ongoing promotion of the following good hygiene principles and practices:

  • adults maintain 5 metres distance from other adults, where possible;
  • staff, students and parents must stay home when sick;
  • avoiding unnecessary physical contact and physical greetings (e.g. handshakes, hugs etc.);
  • washing hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water or an alcohol based sanitiser;
  • covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, using a flexed elbow or tissue; and
  • disposing of tissues appropriately.

Cleaning for all schools:

  • Cleaning of high-touch surfaces, including classrooms, meeting rooms and washroom/toilets, should be maintained on a daily basis, but is not required throughout the school day.
  • Cleaning of playgrounds and play equipment can be scaled back.

Given the Phase 5 guidelines, I can advise the following changes to the school’s operations:

  • Assemblies will now revert back to Junior (Pre-primary to Year 2) and Senior (Year 3 to Year 6) assemblies.
  • We continue to welcome and encourage parents to visit their child’s class and be active volunteers.

Please be aware, that at any time we may have to pivot and revert back to different guidelines. The staff at Campbell PS will be continuing to ensure high levels of hygiene are maintained at all times.  This includes both students and staff who are advised to stay home when sick.


Winter Carnival

I applaud the efforts of all students that participated in the winter carnival last Fridays. The students did very well and their sportsmanship was exemplary.


Staffing Semester 2 – Farewell Mrs Perica

We sadly farewell Mrs Perica at the end of this term as she has made the decision to retire. On behalf of the school staff and community, I thank Mrs Perica for the outstanding contributions she has made to the Music education of our students. Mrs Perica has delivered an exceptional Music programme and has developed the senior choirs since 2017. Her most recent accomplishment has been her coordination of the Year 5 and 6 School Musical. It is somewhat fitting that we get to farewell Mrs Perica next week when the School Musical is being performed for the Campbell community. I encourage all families to come along to one of the scheduled musical times and join us in thanking Mrs Perica and wishing her well in retirement.


Year 5 Partnerships with Parents workshop – Wednesday 4 August, 2021 at 8:50 am

Year 5 parents are invited to attend a meeting on Wednesday 4 August, 2021. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss events planned for the Year 5 students in 2022 as graduating students. We look forward to seeing you there.


Student Reports – Sent Electronically through Connect – Semester 1, 2021

Parents are reminded that the Semester 1 student reports have been sent home electronically through Connect today, Thursday 24 June, 2021. The information provided in the report provides a summary of your child’s achievement, effort and attitude. The report is just one of a number of strategies used by the school to communicate with you about your child’s progress. Parents and carers are asked to spend time with their children to discuss the report. We believe this to be a very valuable exercise and would encourage all parents to acknowledge the wonderful work completed by their children and look at setting some goals for Semester 2, 2021.  Position Grade reports will also be sent home. It is most important that parents ensure that they have registered on Connect to access student reports. If you have not done so or are requiring assistance with this please contact



In order to access the full curriculum, and give your child the best chance of success, the Department of Education recommends the attendance rate of 95%.

This week attendance letters will be sent home to all families where a child’s absenteeism has placed them at indicated risk. Whilst we understand that some absences are due to illness it is still important that parents are advised of the rate of attendance for their child.  

We are here to support you with your child’s attendance. Please contact us if you require any further assistance in helping your child to improve their attendance so that they can optimise their learning opportunities.

The below chart gives a breakdown of the amount of time missed in a year, and if maintained, how it impacts on the future education of your child. 

Period of Absence 

(Years 1-10) 

Rate of Attendance  Equivalent School Missed 
Average of 5 Days per term  90%  1 Year 
1 Day Per Week  80%  2 Years 
1.5  Days a week  70%  3 Years 
2 Days Per Week  60%  4 Years 
3 Days per Week  40%  6 years 
5 Weeks per term  50%  5 Years 


Student Enrolments 

If your child is starting Kindergarten, Pre-primary, Year 7 or changing schools in 2022, it is imperative that you enrol your child/ren before  23 July, 2021. Information is provided on the school’s website.


Year 5 and 6 DiGii Social Program  

At the beginning of next term, the Year 5 and 6 students will commence a digital training programme which has been developed by Claire Orange/therapist, Child and Family Mental Health Author, advocate and speaker. The programme is an automated social-media- like platform that teaches upper primary children the safe guarding skills of Digital Citizenship and Protective Behaviours in a safe and immersive environment. The platform is secured within the school; no other adults can access it and it is only available during the school day. The primary purpose of the programme is to teach children how to behave and be safe online. We are delighted to be offering this programme to our students. A letter and parent handbook will be sent out through CONNECT for parents of students in Year 5 and 6 which outlines the programme in more detail.   


Lockdown and Evacuation Trials Week 11 

Over the course of next week we will be running both an evacuation trial and lockdown trial. It is very important that we run these regularly to ensure that staff and students are both well-prepared in the event of a real emergency. Children may come home and talk of these trials and if so we encourage you to talk through the needs for such trials in a positive way and alleviate any of their concerns. Please be rest assured that if there was an actual lock down or evacuation required you would be advised through SMS as per Department of Education and school policy. 


Grounds Update 

The following works will be undertaken during the course of the school holidays in July.  

  • A kiss and drop car park to be installed in the Comrie Road car park, along the Pre-primary and Kindy fence side; and, 
  • Year 6 male toilets to be refurbished. 


Voluntary Contributions 

A huge thank you to the families that have paid their voluntary contributions we are still very much in need of parents paying their child’s contributions. 


How to Make Payments 

Payment of  Contributions can be paid via the QKR! by MasterCard app at any time.  

Payment of  Contributions can also be made at the school office by cash, cheque or EFTPOS or by direct deposit into the school bank account 

Campbell PS                BSB 066 040                Acct No. 1990 1017 

Please note child’s name in details 

Progress payments are welcome and can be paid at the School Administration or by direct deposit into the school bank account (listed above). 

Should you have an enquiry relating to the topic of Contributions & Charges please contact the School Administration. 


Thank you to our P&C  

As you know, the Campbell PS, P&C have continued to work tirelessly to support the school financially through fundraising, with the P&C disco being the most recent event. The discos were a huge success and were exceptionally well-organised with a DJ that kept the students engaged and moving. A huge thank you to the many parents that came along to support the discos. The next P&C general meeting is scheduled for Monday, 9 August 2021 @ 3:00 pm. All parents/carers are invited to attend, with a crèche available for those parents that require this for their children. It has been really pleasing to see an increase in the number of parents joining the P&C and we continue to encourage you to come along to meetings and be more involved with the school.  

This year’s P&C appreciation day is scheduled for 21 July 2021. We look forward to acknowledging their efforts in week 1 of Term 3. 

Kind regards, 

Lynne Bates