Dear Parents and Carers,

As the term draws to a close I would like to acknowledge the collective efforts of all in supporting our students to have a successful term, despite the distractions of COVID-19. It has most definitely been a term like no other, with the significant disruptions we have experienced across the school due to COVID-19. We know that many families have had to manage periods of isolation and/or have been unwell with COVID-19. Several of our staff have also had to isolate as close contacts and have been unwell with COVID-19. Such times have shown just how resilient and supportive our school community is.

This term we have had a total of 55 positive COVID-19 cases reported to the school, 6 of whom are staff members. We have had a significant number of students and staff on COVID leave due to being close contacts and needing to isolate. 166 of our students have accessed Learning from Home units of work whilst they have been isolating or COVID-19 positive and well enough to complete work at home.

I thank all families for your understanding whilst we have had to staff our school during such difficult times. I, like you, hope for a more settled term ahead, however, this of course is not certain. I can say though, that our staff are well-prepared and will ensure that the focus remains on prioritising both student well-being and ensuring our students access a rigorous curriculum, even if they are learning from home at any time.

Thank you all for your support this term whilst we have implemented many operational changes in response to Department of Education COVID-19 guidelines.

As you may be aware, public health and social measures have been eased for schools for Term 2, details at We continue to follow the current health advice and I am writing to let you know what the changes mean for our school.

We are pleased to advise that parents/carers are allowed on school sites in Term 2 for the following purposes:

o   to attend year group assemblies

o   to attend face to face parent/teacher meetings

o   to attend indoor and outdoor sporting events, infrequent special events, performances and other interschool events with masks and physical distancing

o   to attend face to face meeting e.g. P&C and school board/council meetings

o   to volunteer in roles outside of the classroom, including the canteen

o    drop-off/pick up outside of classrooms

Parents/carers attending school must continue to wear masks on school grounds and adhere to physical distancing, where possible. Please note parents/carers are not allowed inside classrooms.

Please note you do not need to report COVID-19 positive cases to the school during the school holidays. However, all positive RATs must be reported to WA Health via

I encourage parents to continue to support your child at home during the holidays with the Holiday Reading Challenge.

Staff Farewells

We farewell the following staff at the end of Term 1:

Mrs Claire Tan – School Psychologist. Mrs Tan will be on maternity leave for the remainder of the year. We wish her all the best for the safe arrival of her first born.

Mr David Turner- Physical Education Specialist. We thank Mr Turner for both his great positivity as a staff member and his contributions to the Physical Education programme. We wish him all the best for the future.

Ms Kim Tan – Year 1, LA5 – tandem teacher. Mrs Tan no doubt will be back with us again in the near future.

In-term Swimming

Students in LA21, LA23, LA24 and LA12, LA13, LA16 from Years 2, 4 and the 2/3 and 4/5 classes will be able to participate in In-term swimming classes next term. Swimming lessons will be in Week 7 and 8 of term. Information regarding Interm swimming lessons will be sent out early next term.   Lessons commence on Tuesday 8 June, 2022 with the cost being approximately $60.00 per child. Final costing will be advised early in Term 2.

School Security over the Break

Parents are asked to be alert and report any suspicious behaviour within the school to School Watch 1800 177 777.

Return to School

Parents are reminded that Term 2 recommences for both staff and students on Tuesday 26 April 2022.  Please visit the school webpage on for information on the upcoming events in Term 2.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone next term. I also wish to extend my sincere thanks to the school staff for their incredible support of the Campbell school community during this term.

Lynne Bates – Principal