Principal’s Address Term 3 Week 10

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we approach the end of Term 3 I would like to thank and acknowledge the efforts of the staff and students. I continue to reflect on how privileged I am to work alongside such exceptional staff and such a supportive school community. There have certainly been a lot of wonderful events across the school this term but none as wonderful as our recent Faction Carnivals.

Faction Carnivals

Over the last week we have held the Senior and Junior Athletic Carnivals and Kindergarten Carnivals. The students had a delightful time and were kept very active. They all displayed great sportsmanship. It was also such a delight to see so many parents and family members attend these events. We are so pleased to have supported a safe environment for parents on these days with COVID restrictions.

One of the highlights of the 2020 carnival for me came out of an error in recording made on the day, with the order of Champion boy, runner up and third place being inaccurate. This of course was rectified this week. The joy was in the conversation I had with the 3 boys involved, all of whom were incredibly understanding and showed sincere kindness and happiness for each other. They all agreed to return their medallions and swap them over. I was astounded by their maturity, and had to giggle when one said “It’s no big deal we are all in Fraser anyway.” I applaud these lovely young boys. What a credit they are to our school.


Yr 3 Champion Boy- Sean V

Yr 3 Runner- up: Jy L

Yr 3 Third Place: Austin L


I would also like to pay tribute to our incredible Faction Captains. They worked tirelessly on all days of the carnivals in supporting the set-up and also the students and staff. It was also very special to see them welcome out our Kindergarten students. In thanks of their efforts the Faction Captains will join me for a special morning tea next Tuesday morning.

Staffing Changes Term 4

We welcome Mrs Rosin Woods to Year 1 LA 6. Mrs Woods will replace Mrs Leamon. Mrs Fraser will continue in the class each Friday.

COVID-19 Planning for Term 4

Once again we have all had to show great resilience when faced with personal challenges and school operational changes required due to COVID-19. I really cannot applaud the students enough for their high levels of independence and the ongoing kindness they continue to share with staff and students.

Western Australia’s recent low numbers of COVID-19 and no community transmission is encouraging. However, we cannot become complacent. As such we will continue with all current practices in place, this includes drop off and pick up from the gates, playground equipment cleaned each afternoon, good hygiene practices and physical distancing of adults, along with increased daily cleaning regimes, access to hand sanitiser and teaching of coughing/sneezing etiquette.

It is important to remember that we are still in a State of Emergency and as such the school will continue to prioritise student, staff and parent health and well-being as outlined by the Premier and WA Department of Health.

Thank you for your continued support of the measures we have in place to support all students as we continue to work through the COVID-19 Phases. It is greatly appreciated.

Not Returning to Campbell in 2021

Planning for Campbell’s 2021 school year has commenced. Accuracy in projected enrolments is vital as it is the number of students that we are primarily funded on. I would ask that parents please advise the school if their child/ren will not be returning to Campbell next year. Please email Sue Forman, Manager Corporate Services – if and when you decide your child will not be returning and what school they will be transferring to. We appreciate any information that you can provide us with as soon as convenient.

Student Councillors

The school has continued to hold assemblies via WebEx during this time and student councillors have taken very active roles as presenters. Students have been most enthusiastic about this mode of presentation and look forward to both the assembly and presentation of merit certificates following it. I would like to thank our hard working student councillors for the work that they do each and every week to support assemblies and playground activities. They are constantly striving to improve the school and play areas for everyone.

Dates to remember:

Parents are asked to visit the calendar on the school’s webpage to view planned events for Term 4. These are the dates for the student’s end of year award ceremonies.

  • Year PP to Year 5 Book Awards – Thursday 10 December 2020 – Undercover Area – 8.40am
  • Year 6 Graduation Morning – Tuesday 8 December 2020 – School Premises – 9.00am
  •  Year 6 Graduation Lunch – Wednesday 16 December 2020

2021 Pupil Free Days

Term 1

Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January

Term 2

Friday 28 May 2021

Term 3

Friday 3 September 2021

Term 4

Monday 11 October 2021

Friday 17 December 2021


Please be reminded that Monday 12 October 2020 is a Staff Development day and as such students do not attend school on this day. Students commence Term 4 on Tuesday 13 October 2020.


Class Placement 2021

The process of creating class lists for the 2021 school year will commence in Term 4. Parents who feel they have relevant information pertaining to the placement of their child in 2021 should advise me in writing. All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal and be received no later than 4.00 pm, Monday, 9 November 2020. Parents are advised that requests for specific teachers and or requests for non-placement in composite classes or tandem arrangements are not considered. The school does not view these arrangements as detrimental to students’ academic or social development. Parents should also be aware that correspondence provided to the Principal will be considered by staff, but does not guarantee a particular outcome being sought by parents.

The Campbell Primary School’s Class Placement Guidelines is posted on the school’s webpage. I encourage all parents to read this document as it clearly defines the rigorous process undertaken to place students each year.

Please take care during the upcoming break and enjoy quality time with your families. We look forward to Term 4, and know it will be packed full of rich learning and extra curricula events.