RUOK? Day 2021

Today, Thursday 9 September 2021 is RUOK? Day. This year’s message is: Are they really OK? Ask them today.

It is a reminder that life’s ups and downs happen to all of us and genuine support can make a difference. It is about making a moment to meaningfully ask how someone is going, rather than waiting until they are in crisis. Throughout Campbell Primary School, classes will be learning the importance of marking RUOK? day on the calendar and how to start and continue conversations with others that can provide support and have meaningful impact.

At the assembly this morning, Ms Bates, students, parents and staff shared out loud what they do when the are not feeling ok, some of these were;

  • talking to a friend
  • looking at photos of family
  • hugging the cat or dog
  • eating chocolate and icecream
  • listening to music
  • taking the dog or baby for a walk
  • listening to uplifting music and dancing around the lounge room hoping nobody can see
  • think of nicer times had
  • talk to family
  • hug Mum and Dad