School Board Meeting Monday 12 March 2018


 The School Board met on Monday 12 March 2018 and welcomed two new parent representatives Mrs Al-Zaidi and Mrs Vasquez. Two new staff members also joined the Board being Mrs Slee and Mrs Lumsden, Mrs Coslani renominated and will continue on the board for another year.

Mr Kevin Fraser, Associate Principal of Balcatta SHS has finished his tenure and was thanked for his contribution and assistance whilst on the school board. Of particular note was Mr Fraser’s contributions in the Music area.

Mr Neil Herbert nominated and was elected as the new Vice Chairperson for the 2018 school year.

The school’s draft Annual Report was discussed and ratified by all board members. The Principal acknowledged the significant contributions from staff in providing reports against their learning areas for this document. The Annual Report summarises the 2017 school year and reports against our current Business Plan strategies and targets. The principal noted the positive feedback received from families through exit surveys, it is evident that the school is held in high regard by families and community members. Families were very positive about the teaching and learning programmes provided by staff.

The Principal acknowledged and thanked Mrs Kylie Christie (marketing personnel) for her work on revamping the school’s webpage. This is now a valuable source for current information for both the school community and the wider community to learn about Campbell Primary School.

The school’s Leadership model was also made available to the Board which demonstrates the dispersed leadership across our school. Roles of Level 3 teachers and senior teachers were discussed and the board members reported great satisfaction with the way in which leadership is delegated in our school.

Financially the school is awaiting the Student Centre Funding budget to be allocated to the school so that confirmation of the school’s 2018 budget can be finalised.