Reminder School Photos This Week

School Photos will be taken this: Wednesday 26th May 2021 and Thursday 27th May 2021

Class Photos/Portraits:
• Every Student will have their photo taken, whether they are purchasing photos or not.
• The school has chosen to use the online ordering system.  Your child will be given an online ordering instruction slip and
a unique student shootkey.
• Log onto and follow the prompts to place your order.
• If you lose your shootkey the school reception will have a copy to quote back to you.
• The expiry date for online ordering is the 2/06/2021 Any orders received after this date will incur a $30.00 archive fee.
• Spare envelopes (green) are available at school reception should you wish to pay via cash.

Family Photos:
• Envelopes can be obtained from Administration.
• Family photos are taken each morning before school.
• Please ensure that your family envelope and payment are handed to the Photographers on photo day.
• If you do not have the correct money, we will provide any change needed when photos are delivered to school.
• Family photos cannot be ordered online.
• Once school has received photos, family photos will remain at reception for parents to collect.

Please Note:
Individuals and Family Images are not available to view online for Students’ Security
If for any reason you need to contact MSP regarding your child’s photos you will be asked to provide your child’s shootkey.

The Photo Schedule Timetable can be viewed here.