Storm Damage – From the Principal

Dear parents/carers,

Unfortunately the school experienced significant storm damage on Sunday afternoon. Large trees were uprooted along the car park on Comrie Rd. This has caused damage to the fences and the basketball court. I have been onsite this evening and as yet damage to any building in this area is yet to be determined. Until the site is fully assessed students in ELT 1 – Mrs Wylie’s room and ELA 3 – Mrs Fry’s room will be relocated to an alternative room.

Furthermore, the parent car park will be closed off tomorrow morning until the debris has been removed. As such, parents will need to enter the school using the oval gate. Pre-primary and Kindergarten support staff will be at this gate to collect the children.

To support families to enter the grounds safely and avoid the traffic congestion at 8:25 am, students will be able to arrive at school up until 9:00 am, and will not be recorded as late. We urge parents to consider this to avoid what will be significant traffic congestion tomorrow morning.

We hope to have the car park back for use by Tuesday morning.

I thank you for your support and I do hope that your family homes did not suffer any damage during this storm.

Kind regards,
Lynne Bates