Principal’s Address Term 1 Week 7

Dear Parents/carers

Christchurch Tragedy

It is with great sadness that we reflect on the recent tragedy at Christchurch on Friday. Staff at Campbell PS extend our heartfelt sympathies to any of our families that may have been directly affected by this tragedy. Parents are requested to please advise us if you feel that your child requires extra support from school personnel due to this shocking event.

Our Term to Date

It has been a very busy but highly successful and productive term so far. I have been most impressed with the way in which the staff have adopted our whole school approaches and are supporting our staff that are new to Campbell Primary school.

I would also like to make mention of the efforts of our students; there has been a commitment to setting goals for the term and working on strategies to achieve these. This is evidence of our students having a growth mindset.

I also wish to acknowledge the efforts of our student leaders. Over the last few weeks the student councillors worked with me to determine a very meaningful vision statement for the school. This has been a real pleasure, as their contributions have been insightful, and will very much contribute to the vision statement that is determined.  I have also met with all Faction Captains to discuss their action plans. These student leaders are to be applauded for their capacity to find solutions, that are both relevant and achievable to problems experienced.

Parent Interviews

We hope that parents gained valuable insights in to their students learning in last week’s parent/carer interviews. It is wonderful that both the school staff and families work together to maximise the learning for our students.

Summer Carnival

I thank Mr Regan for his coordination of last week’s interschool summer carnival. I visited most teams and again was impressed by our student sportsmanship. What was particularly pleasing was to see that many of our students attempted a new sport. This supports the curriculum requirements of ensuring a diverse range of sport experiences are provided for our students. Thank you also to the staff that attended the summer carnival with Mr Regan.

Below is some feedback received from another school.

“I just wanted to share my experience with some Campbell students with you. We played the ‘B’ team and the kids were absolutely delightful. They showed incredible sportsmanship, wishing our players good luck before the game. I spoke to them during the game and they were so polite and genuinely nice kids. Such a credit to their parents and the school.”

Violence in Schools

In recent weeks a flyer was sent home which outlines the Minister’s statement on violence in schools and the 10 areas of action. I do hope you read through this document and welcome any feedback you may have in reference to this. A random selection of families has also been selected to provide feedback on the school’s draft Good Standing Policy which is a school requirement, as written in the minister’s statement. I look forward to reading this feedback in the coming weeks.

We are exceptionally fortunate that our school experiences very few incidents of a violent nature and I believe this is because of not only the behaviours of students but those of parents also. We also thank the parent community for modelling respectful behaviours. Our school Behaviour management policy supports this in terms of the rights and responsibilities of staff, students and parents. For your interest I have listed this below. I encourage you to revisit this.

Rights & Responsibilities


Students have the right to: Students have the responsibility to:
  • Learn in a purposeful and supportive environment
  • Work and play in a safe, secure, friendly and clean environment
  • Be treated with respect, courtesy and honesty
  • Be heard
  • Ensure their behaviour is not disruptive to the learning of others
  • Ensure that the school environment is kept neat, tidy and secure
  • Ensure that they are punctual, polite and prepared
  • Display a positive manner
  • Behave in a way that protects the safety and wellbeing of others
  • Communicate issues and concerns to parents and teachers
  • Value and respect the whole school community
  • Follow school rules
  • Accept consequences for their actions
Staff have the right to: Staff have the responsibility to:
  • Be treated with respect, courtesy and honesty
  • Teach in a safe, secure and clean environment
  • Teach in a purposeful and non- disruptive environment
  • Receive cooperation and support from parents
  • Model respectful, courteous and honest behaviour
  • Ensure that the school environment is kept neat, tidy and secure
  • Establish positive relationships with students
  • Ensure good organisation and planning
  • Report student progress to parents and students
  • Implement the school behaviour management plan
  • Know the school rules and incentive programs and show consistency when enforcing them
Parents have the right to: Parents have the responsibility to:
  • Be treated with respect, courtesy and honesty
  • Be informed of course and curriculum material, behaviour management procedures and decisions affecting their child’s education, health and welfare
  • Be informed of their child’s progress
  • Access a meaningful and adequate education for their child
  • Be heard in an appropriate forum on matters related to the rights of their child’s education
  • Model respectful, courteous and honest behaviour
  • Ensure that their child attends school and is punctual
  • Ensure that their child’s health and welfare is at an optimum for learning
  • Ensure that their child has the materials to participate in all learning activities
  • Support the school in the education of their child
  • Value and respect other members of the school community


Welcome to Campbell Movie Night

I thank our P&C members for coordinating the recent Welcome to Campbell Movie night. It was once again a huge success. It is such a pleasure to be part of these evening where the focus is on building community.

School Board

We recently went through an election process to appoint our incoming board members. I wish to welcome the following parents to the school board and very much look forward to their contributions.

  • Lei-Ren Wood
  • Leonie Gurr
  • Kirthana Prabhakran

Many thanks to the parents that voted.

Harmony Day Celebrations

This week the classes will be addressing inclusivity and the elimination of racial discrimination through Harmony Day events. We are so fortunate to have such cultural diversity within our school and nation and I am incredibly proud of our school and the level of inclusivity that is evident and fostered. All students are invited to come to school in cultural dress or to wear orange to celebrate Harmony Day.  A special Harmony Day assembly will be held next Thursday 28 March 2019 and is hosted by Year 2 LA 22.


Lynne Bates