Term 2, 2020 From The Principal

Our dedicated staff are finalising their Learning from Home programs which may continue for the duration of Term 2.  The State Government has outlined the basis upon which Term 2 will proceed. This includes the following key messages:

  • Public schools will remain open; however, parents are encouraged to keep their children at home.

Parents may, however, choose to send their child to school:

  • To maintain employment,
  • as they are essential workers; and,
  • those who require schools to support vulnerable students.

To ensure that all students’ needs are met, staff will be present at school in Term 2.  All Campbell PS students will be taught, both those attending school and those learning from home. Schools are required to deliver education through online, face to face and paper packages. Such flexible and responsive approaches to the provision of the curriculum will obviously mean that education looks different and this will require flexibility in how we approach this. Our teachers and allied professionals will work collaboratively to provide this model of education to suit the needs and context of our school community.

In order for us to plan ahead, if you fall into one of the categories listed above, and your child/ren will be attending school in Term 2 please email:


Learning from Home

What is Learning from Home?

Learning form Home refers to the ways in which students will work towards the curriculum objectives as are outlined in the WA Curriculum. Learning from Home packages will be supported by teaching staff. Parents will provide support in assisting their children to complete lessons set by teachers.

What will this look like?

We appreciate that this is most certainly a very challenging prospect for many of our families. To support you, I can advise that staff in Year levels have been working on an online teaching and learning platform which is to be provided through Connect. All families should already have access to Connect with some being more familiar than others when using this platform. Presentations on how to use Connect have already been uploaded to the school’s webpage and parents are encouraged to access these.

The Connect Classroom will not be fully implemented until the start of Term 2, however, you will receive a connect notice on Wednesday 22 April to enable you to access the first week of learning and download any necessary documents prior to learning. We appreciate that the day will look very different to the school day and do not wish to place added pressure on families at this very difficult time. Our priority in learning for Term 2 will be in the English and Maths areas. These lessons should therefore be the priority. Each child’s well-being at this time is of paramount importance and we discourage parents from placing unnecessary pressure on their children when learning at home. A day of Learning from Home should certainly include outdoor play, quiet time reading or mindfulness practice, playing board games with your children and time for social interaction. There are many examples of creating a learning space and timetable for your child posted on the school’s webpage.

Our intent at this time is also for the Campbell PS teaching staff to run online conferences with small groups of students (no more than 5 at a time) in each classroom through Webex. There are some established protocols regarding use of this platform that accompany this letter. We do hope that this is successful, and of course, will work with families who experience difficulty with this.

What will happen if my child does not have access to technology at home?

Families that are unable to access technology from home, will be provided with a hard copy package of work. Regular teacher contact will be made with families through phone calls.

Will the curriculum content be the same whether my child is Learning from Home online, with a hard copy package or at school face to face?

Whilst the model of curriculum delivery is very different, the content will be very similar.

Those students that are at school, due to reasons outlined by the State Government, will receive the same delivery of content as provided online. This may be through a combination of instruction from teachers across a year level, specialist teachers and allied professionals.

What materials will my child need to Learn from Home?

Students already have their text books at home. We have arranged with Ziggies Book Shop in Canning Vale for parents to collect an exercise book and/or scrapbook. The cost for this will be covered by the school. These books will be used by the students at home if they are Learning from Home. You can collect your child’s exercise book or scrap book form Ziggies from the beginning of the second week of school holidays.

The Early Years classrooms have put together a package of resources in order to support children learning from home. This package includes: English and Maths charts and a set of counters.  These packages will be posted home to families on Tuesday of week 1, next term.

How much time should my child spend on Learning from Home?

Staff in Year Level Teams have devised a series of lessons that will become part of the Daily Learning from Home timetable. The lessons have been designed to allow students to access and complete through online, face to face or paper packages. Lessons will include opportunities to revise content covered and continue on with new content for the Year level.

We appreciate that learning from home will look different from family to family and child to child depending on your family’s current situation. It is, however, important for us as a school to support families and our students in developing a routine for learning.

We encourage all families to establish what your routine/ timetable for learning will look like- keeping in mind it is not the school’s expectation that students learn from home from 8:40 am until 2:50 pm each day.

We can provide the following suggestions for focused learning each day for Year levels.

Recommended Daily Time for Learning

Year 5-6: 180 minutes per day

1 hour English and 1 hour Maths / 40 minutes on other learning areas and 20 minutes Webex

Year 3-4: 135 minutes per day

45 minutes English and 45 minutes Maths / 40 minutes on other learning areas or Webex

Year 1-2: 120 minutes per day

45 minutes English and 45 minutes Maths / 30 minutes other learning areas or Webex

PP:  90 minutes per day

30 minutes English and 30 minutes Maths , 30 minutes other learning areas or 20 minutes Webex

K:  80 minutes per Kindergarten day

30 minutes English and 30 minutes Maths in 15 minute blocks / 20 minutes other learning areas or Webex

Daily fitness and daily mindfulness are recommended for all year levels.

What do I do if Learning from Home is not working for my child?

We appreciate that these are difficult times and that in reality what we hope to achieve will not be possible for various reasons at varying times for possibly all families. We are here to provide support to you, your families and your children. We will be making regular contact with families through email, phone and Connect, and of course we too want to hear from you. Please phone or email us if your child is not managing the work from home recommendations, and we will work through possible solutions to this.

Please also continue to raise any issues with us as you would normally do. If you wish to have a phone interview with your child’s teacher or a member of the Administration team please contact the school directly at Campbell.ps.@education.wa.edu.au

Supporting Well-Being

In such unprecedented times it is our priority in Term 2 to maintain connections with our students and families to support well-being. Please also remember to access our school website as there are many resources to support family mental health and well-being.

Important Contacts

Child and Adolescent Health Services

Urgent Mental Health Support- 1800 048 636


Kids Helpline- 1800 551 800


Beyond Blue Australia- 1300 224 636


Lifeline- 13 11 44



Campbell Primary School Continuity of Learning Plan

Learning from Home

Campbell Primary School Parent Responsibilities for Online Learning

To ensure the smooth operation, safety and wellbeing of all students and staff whilst students are Learning from Home, the following expectations and requirements must be followed by all parents and carers.

Our intent is to be utilising Webex as the platform to hold “Teacher Conferences” with small groups of students. Parents/carers will need to ensure that the Cisco Webex Meetings app is downloaded to the device students will be using. Please refer to our website for video tutorials if you require assistance to do this.

Parent/Carer Responsibilities:

  • Support your child to engage in online learning.
  • Encourage your child to take regular breaks and take part in physical activities throughout the day.
  • Help your child to establish a space to undertake online learning that is clear and free from distraction.
  • Encourage your child to attempt tasks as directed by the teacher.
  • Support your child to be on time to scheduled “Teacher Conferences” via Webex (times to be advised next term).
  • Understand that the camera will be turned on during the Teacher Conference and so it is important to ensure there is a suitable environment – including consideration of the background and that the child is dressed appropriately.
  • Recognise that this is the teachers’ place of work and so they will not be able to answer parent/ carer questions during Teacher Conference sessions.
  • Understand that it is the child’s responsibility to participate in the Teacher Conference. Parents/ carers are not to engage with the teacher or other students during Teacher Conferences.
  • Parents/carers may assist their child with technical issues.
  • If a parent/carer would like to contact the classroom teacher, the appropriate pathway is to email them. All staff email contact details are available through Connect.
  • Understand that if a child cannot log onto the Teacher Conference for any reason, they can join their next scheduled Teacher Conference. Please do not attempt to join another group.
  • Understand that technical issues will likely arise and that the school understands this. Remain calm and assure students that they will not be penalised if they miss a session.
  • Understand that the Positive Student Engagement Policy and ICT Student Usage Policy still applies and inappropriate online behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Understand that should students or parents/carers breech the Campbell Primary School Code of Conduct, this may result in student access to Teacher Conference sessions being removed.
  • Understand that all videos, uploaded lessons and material distributed by Campbell Primary School and the Department of Education at this time is subject to all rights and responsibilities of copyright.
  • Regularly access Connect and Campbell PS website and Facebook pages for information and updates.
  • Parents/carers are advised that if their child is having problems accessing the online learning they should email the classroom teacher.