Week 1 Term 1 2019

Welcome back to the 2019 school year at Campbell Primary School, I hope that you all enjoyed a relaxing and safe holiday period.  A special welcome to all new parents and students who have yet to experience our wonderful school. We wish you and your children a happy and productive experience at Campbell Primary School.

We have experienced such a seamless start to the new year, with children well-settled and prepared for the year ahead.

I am looking forward to the new school year at Campbell Primary School and very much look forward to further building relationships with all students, staff and parents. 2019 sees the start of a new iteration of Business Planning which the school board and staff have commenced working on.  We are looking forward to sharing this with the community in the near future.

I thank all parents and carers for your support of our school in ensuring the children are well prepared for their schooling with books and uniforms. A special thanks also to the highly dedicated staff at Campbell PS who have worked many hours prior to the start of the school year preparing their rooms and planning for the year ahead.  I look forward to a highly productive and successful year ahead.


Staff for 2019

Teaching Staff Support Staff
Ms Yvonne Thomas ELT1 Mrs Sue Forman Manager Corp Services
Mrs Maxine Wylie ELT2 Ms Nicola Spires School Officer
Mrs Lisa Harriden &

Mrs Sophia Spencer

ELA1 Mrs Jane Farmer School Officer
Mrs Emma Williams &

Mrs Janelle Gray

ELA2 Mrs Aly Mollica School Officer
Mrs Tamara Fry ELA3 Mrs Jarma Simaguen School Officer
Miss Katie Atterton ELA4 Mrs Kylie Christie Media and Marketing
Mrs Emily Upson &

Miss Alison Cole

ELA5 Ms Kristen Giles Library Officer
Mrs Amanda Light &

Mrs Chivorne Neal

ELA6 Miss Bindu Kumar ICT Officer
Mrs Erin McCormick &

Mrs Narelle Dellar

LA21 Mrs Carolyn Favazzo Kindergarten – Education Assistant
Miss Sheldon Elliott LA22 Mrs Elise O’Connor Kindergarten – Education Assistant
Ms Kim Fromant LA23 Mrs Tracey Gubbins Kindergarten – Education Assistant
Mrs Sandi Fraser &

Mrs Sacha Cooke

LA24 Mrs Kim Jackson Pre-primary Education Assistant
Maja Perrozzi LA8 Mrs Natasha Nanne Pre-primary Education Assistant
Rachel Strickland LA9 Miss Lauri King Pre-primary Education Assistant
Mrs Nadia Bergamo &

Mrs Astrie Brown

LA10 Mrs Lynnette Elson Pre-primary Education Assistant
Mrs Melissa Elkins &

Mrs Jenn Marshall

LA11 Mrs Sam Roper Mainstream Education Assistant
Mrs Yvonne Bond LA20 Mrs Hannah Morton Mainstream & Special Need Ed Assistant
Mr Daniel Kujawski LA19 Mrs Joyce Tan Ethnic Education Assistant
Mrs Beth Moorman &

Mrs Lisa Van der Wielen

LA18 Ms Linda Munro Special Needs Education Assistant
Mrs Sarika Suri &

Ms Petra Leamon

LA15 Mrs Julie Henwood Special Needs Education Assistant
Mrs Sarah Adams &

Ms Petra Leamon

LA16 Mrs Gill McLaren Special Needs Education Assistant
Mr Michael Egan LA17 Mrs Claire Winchester Special Needs Education Assistant
Mr Graham Nowell &

Mrs Jess Battle

LA12 Ms Claire Tan School Psychologist
Mr Brett Mansveld LA13 Mrs Remi Toluwade Chaplain
Miss Kellie Gibson &

Mrs Cheryl Clarke

LA14 Mr Rigo Vasquez Gardener
Anne Farrell Art Mr Francesco D’Addeigo Gardener
Maggie Musca Art Mr Norman Willenberg Cleaner in Charge
Marisa Perica Music Ms Kwan Chew Cleaner
Blake Regan Phys Ed Mrs Sue McGinniss Cleaner
Cheryl Clarke Dance Mr Brian Smith Cleaner
Pamela Lumsden Science
Jenny Marshall EALD
Tracey Ianni LOTE
Marnie Fyfe Support


Leadership Structure at Campbell PS

An overview of the distributed leadership model in place at Campbell Primary School is below, with a copy of the finalised Leadership Structure to be posted on the webpage in the very near future.

Executive Team Structure

Principal– Executive Leader of all Team Leaders and Committee Leaders

Assistant Principals – Executive Leaders for the following year groups:

Kindergarten, Pre-primary,Year 1 and Year 2 – Mandy Ward

Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 – Rebecca Coslani

Year 6 – Mandy Slee

Assistant Principal Student Services – Mandy Ward

Learning Support Coordinator– Jenny Marshall

Year Level Team Leaders

Kindy and Pre-primary – Emma Williams

Year 1 – Emily Upson

Year 2 – Erin McCormick

Year 3 – Maja Perrozzi

Year 4 – Beth Moorman

Year 5 – Sarika Suri

Year 6 – Kellie Gibson

Team leaders support their year level team with planning, assessment, intervention plans including monitoring of plans and whole school practices. They are released for half a day a fortnight to successfully fulfill their role.


Committee Leaders

The committee leaders support the delivery of operational plans. In Maths, English and Digital Technologies the leaders are also allocated release time for coaching, this is where they will work in classes supporting teachers with curriculum delivery and whole school approaches.

Where possible all committees have staff members that represent each year group.


Emily Upson – K- 2

Kellie Gibson – Year 3 – 6


Jenny Marshall –  K – 2

Beth Moorman – 3 – 6

Digital Technologies

Sandi Fraser –K-2

Michael Egan- 3-6

Health and Well-Being

Mandy Slee – K – 6

History and Social Sciences (HaSS)


The Arts

Anne Farrell

Science and STEM

Pamela Lumsden


Whole School Priorities

Reading continues to be a Whole School Priority for 2019. We thank you for your support with this priority by ensuring that your child/ren read every night.


Mobile Phones – Students

Parents are asked to read the school’s mobile phone policy, which is now available on the school website at http://www.campbellprimaryschool.wa.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Mobile-Phone-Use-Policy.pdf.

Parents who wish their child to bring a mobile phone to school are asked to collect and complete the Parent Permission Form from the school administration or print from the school website.


School Board Meeting

Our School Board will meet on the 12 February 2019 at 7:00 pm. Parents are welcome to attend as observers. This will assist you to learn more about the functions of the School Board.  Please advise the front office staff if you wish to attend by Friday 9 February 2019.


School Board – Nomination for Parent Members

We currently have positions available on our school board. They are 1, 2 or 3 year tenures. If you wish to nominate for a position please complete this nomination form by 4:00pm, 2 March, 2019.  If you wish to discuss the role of school board with me I am happy to meet with you, please make an appointment through the front office.

Please note that if elected on to the school board you will be expected to complete training, this is provided through our school and through the Department of Education. Meetings are held twice per term, on Monday evenings in Week 3 and 7 of term and run from 7:00pm until 8:00 pm.

Parents are advised that if there are more nominations than positions this will go to vote.


Internal Timetable

Please be advised that the internal timetable is:

8.40am – 10.40am Morning session
10.40am – 11.00am Recess
11.00am – 1.00pm Midday session
1.00pm – 1.35pm Lunch
1.35pm – 2.50pm Afternoon session (reminder: Wednesday is a 2.30pm finish)

Parents are reminded that all students will be provided with Crunch and Sip times during the 2 hour teaching blocks.


Confidential Declaration Form & Student Health Care Summary

When attending the parent information sessions next week you will receive:

  • Confidential Declaration form for parents to complete, one per family. All parents who wish to help within the school in classrooms, on excursions or in the canteen must complete this form and return to the School Administration.
  • Student Health Care Summary for each student. As it is a Departmental requirement that each year a new update form must be submitted for each child.

Please return these forms by next Friday 22 February 2019.