World Teachers’ Day

Friday 25 October 2019, is World Teachers’ Day a day for parents and community members to show their appreciation for teachers and the positive impact they make. To celebrate the wonderful teaching staff at Campbell Primary School we encourage students to write a short note of thanks to their teacher.   Parents/carers are invited to provide a compliment about their child’s teacher via the link below.


Some of the comments which have been received……

I am a mother of two and both my children are Campbell and ex Campbell kids! They have been lucky to have terrific teachers throughout their primary school tenure!! Mrs Fry, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Suri, Mrs Perozzi, Mrs Elkins, Ms Cole , Mr Nowell and Mrs Adams deserve special mention!! I have always had positive experiences with them in all my interactions! As a parent I am very grateful for their role in my children’s life as a guide!! On Teachers Day I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate all the teachers at Campbell for the fantastic job they are doing for the kids and the school!!

Mrs Adams is a great teacher because she is nice to the class and makes learning fun.

Thank you Mr Kujawski for all the hard work you do for our children.
My son has absolutely loved having you for his teacher this year if only you could move to grade 5 next year and we get you again. Thank you sincerely.

Ms Thomas, Mrs Favazzo, Mrs Fyfe and Mrs Roper are all wonderful at their jobs. They show kindness and support to all students and families.

Miss Atterton and Mrs Morton have created a beautiful and supportive environment and care for all children. ELA4 is a wonderful place to be

To the wonderful teachers who teach my children, I appreciate all your efforts in teaching and making sure my children are learning. I appreciate that you have taken care of them academically and socially. I appreciate all the motivation and encouragement so they do their best. Thank you to all of you.

Thank you Mr Kujawski for your patience and supports given to my daughter.

Mrs Lumsden is such a passionate and thoughtful teacher who always makes time to stop and chat to my children, and answers their questions about science and the world in a respectful and easy to understand way. I believe it is her influence (rather than the subject matter!) that makes my daughter aspire to be a science teacher

Mrs Slee is an exceptional teacher and role model for our students. She is a wonderful example of someone who seems to genuinely enjoy teaching and interacting with the students.

Thank you to all the staff at Campbell Primary School for making my children feel so welcome and safe.  This is our first year at Campbell and the school definitely lives up to it’s reputation.