Year 3 Persuasive Writing

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Mrs Elkin’s and Mrs Marshall’s Year 3 classroom. The students shared their recent persuasive writing with me. They were asked to write a letter to the principal on ways to improve the school. I was so impressed with not only their ideas but their use of persuasive devices and their understanding of text structure. Well done to all students in this class. I look forward to possibly actioning some of their suggestions.

Some of the suggestions:

Dear Ms Bates…….

“I believe we should be allowed to have more excursions, free food and recess and lunch should certainly be longer.” Erlina

“If you want our school to look amazing then make a gym for our school. You should make a gym because the children will stay healthy, the classes will be extremely fun and because you can make new friends. We definitely need a new gym. “ Ayesha

“ We need new whiteboards because they are very dirty and it’s very hard for the relief teachers to wipe off the gooey, yucky marks off the whiteboards.” Evie

“This year I strongly believe that you really should get the Year 3s a new playground because we don’t really have one, so that is why I am telling you. Firstly because all the PP, Year ones and Kindys have them and I don’t think it is fair! “ Siahn

“I definitely believe we should add this improvement to our school. Kids should be allowed to climb fences because it can improve their climbing skills. If they were climbing up a tall tree, this skill will definitely help them. Wouldn’t you want the kids at Campbell Primary School to have  a lot of skills?” Ray

“I think in science we should have robots so we can learn about technology and give our science teacher a break. “ Kyce

“This letter tells you about some of the improvements I want this school to have. Firstly kids should have one week of homework and one week of no homework. I think this would be good because the students don’t want to always be working after a long day at school. “ Xavier

Lynne Bates