Year 5 Museum Excursion

On Tuesday 26 October 2021, Year Five students ventured into the big city of Perth to visit the WA Museum. Apart from exploring the magnificent exhibitions and learning about life past and present, the focus of the day was a workshop called ‘Planet Care’.

Students watched a short inspirational video to prompt them into thinking about how we can do a better job to care for our world. They were then divided into small groups to explore the ‘Changes’ exhibition to brainstorm a few ideas about what small changes they could make in their daily lives. Each group worked together to create a persuasive advertising campaign featuring one of their ideas. A few groups presented their campaigns to the rest of the students.

We were very impressed with the students from Campbell Primary School. Not only were the ideas well designed and well presented, the students’ enthusiasm and behaviour was exemplary.

A big thank you to our parent volunteers who also made the day the success that it was.

Year Five Teachers