Year 5 Rock Incursion

On Thursday 22 November 2018 the Musician’s Network led by Hanif Ibrahim, rocked our school with the Year 5’s.  The Year 5’s spent the afternoon learning Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall with the rock musicians.  Students who brought their instruments along were taught melodies and chords by the musicians, while the others learnt the song with the lead singers.  By the end of our 40 minute session, the year 5 students sang and played the song with the rock band members.  The Year 5’s thoroughly enjoyed the rock incursion and we are very grateful and appreciative of  Hanif Ibrahim and the Musician’s Network.  Their generosity of time and talent was valued by all Year 5 students, giving them a real world experience of rock and roll in music.

Marisa Perica, Music Specialist