Year 6 Graduation 2019

Dear Parents/carers of the Year 6 students,

Over the last several years we have held the Year 6 Graduation at the KingdomCity Church. This year we are unable to hold the event there and have looked for alternative venues nearby with no success.

The Graduation event has been discussed at School Board, with a decision made to hold the graduation at the school and seek feedback from families regarding preference of time. 

Please note that as the Graduation event will be held on school premises there will be no cost.

There are 2 options which are outlined below.

Option 1

Year 6 Graduation morning: Commences at 9:00am concludes at approximately 10:30am. Following the Graduation event, the Year 6 students will have an afternoon of activities. 

If hosted during the day, siblings that attend Campbell PS will be invited to attend also.  

Option 2.

Year 6 Graduation evening: Commences at 5:30pm concludes at approximately 7:00pm. 

Please email   stating which option you would prefer by Friday 28 June, 2019.

An indication of how many seats you would require would also be appreciated.  Thank you.

Your sincerely


Lynne Bates