Year 6 Science Enrichment Program

Campbell Primary School has teamed up with Curtin University to introduce STEM activities to Year 6 Science Enrichment students. Dr. Rachel Sheffield, Senior Lecturer in STEM Education at Curtin has organised a number of Pre Service Teachers to work with the students during Semester 2 to create interesting and useful artefacts, which develop critical thinking and engage students in purposeful and authentic learning.

Year 6 Science Enrichment students worked in small teams to produce a container which would protect an egg dropped from a height of 1 metre then 2 metres. All eggs survived the 1 metre drop but only two out of five survived the 2 metre drop. One egg never made it to the egg container!

Below are images of Dr Sheffield questioning students on the scientific and technical rational behind their designs and students with their egg containers and some videos of the experiments in action.