Performing Arts – Dance

Performing Arts – Dance at Campbell Primary School

Dance Specialist Program

The goals of the Dance Program at Campbell Primary school are to enable students to become creative choreographers, confident performers and reflective, respectful audience members. Students will achieve these goals by engaging with the Choreography Process which involves them planning, creating and performing their own dance works. This process reflects the Creative Process of the current Western Australian Arts Curriculum.

Students from Pre primary – Year 6 will take part in dance lessons for a semester as part of the Specialist program. Emphasis is placed on the students using dance to communicate their ideas to an audience, rather than learning set routines. This enables students to express their ideas creatively and for students who find traditional means of communication difficult, an alternative way to display understanding. Close links will be made to learning in the classroom and other Arts Learning Areas (Visual Art, Music) to ensure that each student has multiple opportunities to demonstrate skills and understanding. The Dance program plays an integral part in equipping students with the critical and creative skills they can apply to all areas of their learning.

Western Australian Dance Syllabus

Arts Ideas: This strand involves students using the four elements of dance (body, energy, space and time) to explore, plan and structure choreography that communicates an idea to an audience.

Arts Skills: This strand involves students learning the specific dance skills and associated terminology they need to create their own choreography. Students learn what makes a great starting and finishing position, travel, balance and movement and how they can create interesting shapes and movements that clearly communicate their ideas.

Arts Responses: Students watch their own performances and performances of others and are given the opportunity to reflect upon the successful aspects of the choreography. They are explicitly taught how to give constructive feedback and how to be a respectful audience member. This process enables students to set their own clear goals for improvement in Dance.

Dance Enrichment Program – extra curricular

Dance Troupes will take place throughout the year and will allow students the opportunity to perform in front of different audiences. Students who have a talent, interest or passion for dance are welcome to be involved in the Dance Troupe program. Students work together to choreograph dance routines to be performed in a variety of settings. These programs will run outside of school hours and will provide experience for students wishing to apply to Performing Arts scholarships in the future.