Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Campbell Primary School

The primary aim for The Visual Arts program is that students will develop creative ways of expressing themselves and use art as a form of communication.

The Visual Arts are a valued learning area at Campbell Primary School, with students from Pre-primary to Year 6 taking part in specialist run visual arts lessons each week. These lessons expose students to a variety of visual arts styles, media and skills. Our focus for Visual Arts learning is guided by both the state and national curriculum for the arts (Visual Arts).

Students investigate the visual elements of art (space, texture, form, shape, colour, line, value), as well as the qualities and properties of different materials. They explore both traditional and experimental approaches to drawing, painting, print-making, collage, sculpture, textiles and ceramics and learn to work safely with various tools and materials in their art making. Students then learn to respond to their own work and the work of others using visual arts terminology to reflect on purpose and meaning.

Presenting artwork for others is intrinsic to the artistic process. Students work on creating and presenting a folio of work throughout the year and are given multiple opportunities to display their work in the art room, the administration block, and the library, as well as at special events and exhibitions within the school and the wider community.

Each year, the Visual Arts program aims to enhance the school grounds with permanent installations of student work. Year 6 students have the opportunity to take part in an enrichment program which regularly allows them the experience of creating permanent murals and mosaics throughout the school.

Visual Arts provides opportunities to explore artworks from different social, cultural and historical contexts. Teaching in the visual arts supports classroom learning and makes close links with other learning areas as well as the general capabilities outlined in Western Australia’s curriculum.

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