Nice Words & Compliments

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Great leadership, kind and helpful office staff and very nice and brilliant teachers.  Thank you for all you do for our children.” – Parent 2023

Thank you so much for these good photos of our child. It is so touching to watch her grow up beautifully at Campbell and, at the same time, I feel so sad that we have to leave this nice school community soon. I will treasure these photos because they will remind me and my girl of the great journey of growing up during primary school days.” – Parent 2022

“Thank you so much again for your kindness.” – Parent 2022

“We have had an excellent experience from everyone at the school especially the teachers” – Parent 2022

“Thank you for the amazing support for both of my son’s.  Best wishes – Parent 2022

“All teachers and staff at Campbell PS always go the extra mile to make sure all students receive the best care and educations.  We thank you for all the hard work and dedication to make the special effort for all students at Campbell PS” – Parent 2022

“The Open Night 2021 was really well done!  I am so amazed and blown away by what is taught and done in class.
Thank you  Ms Bates, teachers and the P&C for all your hard work.” – Parent 2021

“I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how much the kids are loving Science at the moment, thanks to Mr Dietrich.

My son has said specifically “I didn’t know I could be smart at Science” and my daughter said “she is learning things and it is sticking in her head.”

To be honest my son has never enjoyed Science, it used to be his least favourite subject, and now he not only looks forward to it but is invested in it and is talking about experiments and what they are learning. It’s the holy grail!  Family members have stopped in on two different occasions this week and when asked about how school is going both have talked about Science without being prompted in any way. That is what actually made me think I should send you this feedback!

I need to scrub up on my basic knowledge, now they are talking about stuff they are learning at home I don’t want to get left behind.

I feel very lucky that the kids are getting this level of engagement.” – Parent 2021.

“Thank you to the hard working staff in the front office. You always greet parents with a smile and are always friendly and helpful. My children often talk about the nice kind ladies in the office. Your hard work and kindness is appreciated.” Parent 2021

“The front office ladies are always so helpful with their cheerful faces everyday. It is an absolute delight to deal with them.” – Parent 2021

“A big thank you to all Principals at Campbell Primary who work so hard to establish a positive and accommodating environment for all children, neuro-diverse included. Without the time, consideration and ongoing planning these ladies provide, we would have great challenge navigating these crucial schooling years.” – Parent 2021
“Thanks to Ms Lynne Bates and the whole Team for all the hard work towards the development of the School. I am a new parent to this school and I find this as a wonderfully disciplined and organised school in all aspects.” – Parent 2021
“Ms Bates- Thank you for your leadership in overseeing the teachers in Campbell Primary school who work so hard and care for the students with dedication. It’s lovely to see your positive presence as you greet the students in the morning.” – Parent 2021
“Thank you Mrs Ward for your love and care for the students especially with the implementation of the kiss and drive, you were there with a watchful eye like a hawk overseeing the safety of the kids. Always happy to engage and answer questions from parents. Really respect and value you and your work.” Parent 2021
“Thank you for setting high expectations for our students and educators. As principal, you have shaped the conditions for our teachers and students to learn and succeed. We are forever grateful for your impact on this school, keep up the great work!” – Parent 2021

“Thank you so much for the amazing job that you do. Knowing that you care for our kids gives us the confidence and reassurance we need through tough times like COVID. You take care of every single child at the school in such a beautiful and loving way and for that we can’t thank you enough.” – Parent 2020 

“Thank you Ladies for all the amazing work you do for our children and community. It is great to have such positive female role models in our community. Your passion and dedication to our school is greatly appreciated. ” – Parent 2020

“What a team of talented, caring, strong, and intelligent leaders our school has. We are in exceptional hands. Thank you for all that you do, it is appreciated! ” – Parent 2020

“Thanks dear Ms Bates and the team of assistant principals at Campbell. Thanks very much for your continued support for children’s education as well as health. Also for your support so health care workers/parents could go to work during the difficult time due to Covid. Always grateful and thankful for your continued support and care. Thanks for your cooperation.” – Parent 2020

“Mrs Slee is always kind and welcoming each morning. Her enthusiasm and kindness is greatly appreciated. She is a very valued member of the school community.” – Parent 2020

“I commend the school on the excellent communication and way with which this whole response to such an unsettling time has been handled and our children have been looked after. I have had absolutely no problems with her going to school as I have felt every confidence with how my daughter is looked after and the extra measures in regards to health safety. Such an excellent job done by all at Campbell and much appreciated by myself as well as the wider community.” – Parent 2020

“Thank you for the incredible support you have all provided.  The dedication to student learning and wellbeing that has been provided at this already difficult time has been heartwarming.” – Parent 2020

“Thank you for all your amazing work at keeping the school going.  I hope you are all well and coping ok.  Many thanks and remember we will get through this.” – Parent 2020

“I’d like to say a big thanks to all the teachers for continuing to provide ongoing learning programs for those who are absent at school and to the staff at Campbell PS for a well-coordinated job in ensuring everything is running smoothly at the school, from cleaning to communications and everything in between!” – Parent 2020

“Thank you for all your hard work and support of our daughter’s learning this term.” – Parent 2020

“Good morning, I really appreciate your help. In India teachers are treated as god. We have a great example of this in such times. All teachers and staff are doing excellent work for the community. Take care.” – Parent 2020

“Many thanks to all the school staff and teachers for all your efforts keeping our children safe, well and all the lessons being taught to them every day whilst in school. It’s very much appreciated.” – Parent 2020

“I would like to thank yourself and the rest of the school for the regular and forthright communication through this very trying time.  We have been sending our kids to school through the past few weeks and while it has been very difficult to know if we have made the right decision, it has meant something to us to have the regular updates from yourselves.  Over the last 5 years, the teachers and school have made a huge difference with our kids.  Good luck and we can’t wait for things to return to normal and our kids to be back at Campbell Primary.” – Parent 2020

“We would just want to say to Mrs Marshall and Mrs Light thank you for being such wonderful and caring teachers to my son.” – Parent 2020

“Thank you for another wonderful year at CPS. I’m happy to see the various resources and activities to support the children and families and the pro-active nature of the leadership team.” – Parent 2019

“I am a mother of two and both my children are Campbell and ex Campbell kids! They have been lucky to have terrific teachers throughout their primary school tenure!!  I have always had positive experiences with them in all my interactions! As a parent I am very grateful for their role in my children’s life as a guide!! On Teachers Day I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate all the teachers at Campbell for the fantastic job they are doing for the kids and the school!! – Parent 2019

“It is great to see the level of musical learning the children are receiving.” – Parent 2019

“The music informance was a fantastic way to involve parents in their child’s class. Thank you.” – Parent 2019

“To the wonderful teachers who teach my children, I appreciate all your efforts in teaching and making sure my children are learning. I appreciate that you have taken care of them academically and socially. I appreciate all the motivation and encouragement so they do their best.” – Parent 2019

“ELA4 have created a beautiful and supportive environment and care for all children. ELA4 is a wonderful place to be.” – Parent 2019

“The EA’s at Campbell Primary are all wonderful at their jobs.  They show kindness and support to all students and families.” – Parent 2019

“Thank you for always doing all you can to bring out the best in my son and for constantly motivating and encouraging him to strive.” – Parent 2019

“All the teachers at Campbell primary school are amazing!” – Community Member 2019

“Thank you for making a beautiful impact in our daughter’s life and her transition through kindy and Pre-primary.” – Parent 2019

“Thank you for all your hard work towards our kids education.” – Parent 2019

“At this school all teachers are unique and nice, they always make sure students do their best.” – Student 2019

“We had a wonderful time and the children were all so amazing and engaging!” Guy Ghouse 2019, presenter of the Wanjoo Come Sing with Me Workshop with Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse

“Thank you to Campbell Primary and the Teachers for their amazing work with our precious gems” – Parent 2019

“Brilliant children, well behaved, respectful and encouraged by their teachers.” – Grandparent 2019

“Thank you for such a warm welcome to all grandparents.” – Grandparent 2019

“Thank you for holding grandparent mornings, it is lovely to spend time in their classroom environment and the morning tea is great. Thank you for the effort you go to to make it enjoyable.” – Grandparent 2019

“Love this school” – Parent 2019

“The school should be very proud of their music program.” – Parent 2019

“The music informance is an excellent initiative.” Parent 2019

“This year I have seen both my children grow in confidence and connection to their school community. I highly value these attributes in my children and feel blessed that Campbell Primary’s virtues reflect our family values to assist them to believe in themselves.” – Parent 2018

“Campbell Primary School has created an environment which has allowed my daughter to thrive academically and socially. She is looking forward to becoming a senior student next year. “- Parent 2018

“Campbell Primary School sets a standard that all schools should try to meet.” – Parent 2018

“We couldn’t be happier as a family with Campbell Primary School, 2018 has been our best year yet.” – Parent 2018

“I have had an excellent overall experience with Campbell Primary School.” – Parent 2018

“I highly recommend Campbell Primary School.” – Parent 2018

“Excellent staff and community with a good atmosphere at the school.” – Parent 2018

“If there is a scale above excellent to rate Campbell Primary School we would happily choose it.” – Parent 2017

“Thank you to all staff that have made our family’s journey a fantastic learning place for the past 6 years with both of my children.” – Parent 2017

“My child’s emotional, behavioural and educational needs have been more than adequately met by the very patient and brilliant teachers at Campbell Primary School. I am very sad that it is now an end of an era for our family.” – Parent 2017