School Board Members

Lynne Bates – Principal



Dr Rachel Sheffield – Chairperson

Rachel School Board

From 2016 Rachel Sheffield has been a member of ISTE, International Society Technology Education, writing the new ISTE standards for students, teachers and pre-service teachers and presenting at the International Conference. She is familiar with a raft of innovative practices and how these can be embedded in classroom practice.

In 2017 Rachel was involved in the DREAM project that worked with 135 primary schools in Western Australia helping teachers to develop their innovative practice in the Digital Technologies curricula.

With a teaching focus is the promotion of STEM education, Rachel has a BSc in Microbiology, a Grad Dip in Education and a PhD which focused on evaluating change in education entitled Facilitating Teacher Professional Learning: Analysing the impact of an Australian Professional Learning Model.

Parent Representatives


Neil Herbert – Vice Chairperson

I am an engineer who has worked in industry and government (Water Corporation).

As well as undertaking planning and design work for Perth and WA’s water supply, I have undertaken a management role and been part of a governance committee. I am nominating for the School Board as I am keen to assist Campbell Primary in further developing its governance and reputation as a high quality school.


Nadine School Board

Nadine Popelier

I believe in the common-sense raising of children in order to strengthen families and communities. I have been on the Campbell School Board for several years, and sit on many other committees within the school.

I have a background in Early Childhood Development, and work in Local government. My skills include protective behaviours, working with community and grant writing. My interests include Basketball, volunteering and learning about culture. I believe that all children should be given an opportunity to be the best they can be.


Campbell Primary School Board

Wendy Vasquez

As a parent and as school psychologist in the independent sector, I believe I can contribute to the school from both a parental  (direct experience of the school) perspective as well as from an outside perspective as a psychologist.  I am passionate about student learning and well-being, and I believe that schools’ role is not only about educating the child on Literacy and Numeracy, but also on developing the child as a whole, alongside parents, where possible.

Leonie Gurr

I have just commenced my sixth year as a parent at Campbell Primary School. During this time, I have always attempted to be involved with the school from within the classroom as a Parent Helper, to volunteering on the P&C to raise funds for the whole school community.

I believe that my years spent on the P&C talking to parents from all different year groups has given me an understanding on what parents need and hope to see from our school, as well as a practical understanding on the way the school runs. I am hoping to be able to continue to promote cohesiveness between parents and community members, and the school, as decisions are made and how this is communicated.

Lei-Ren Wood

I was born and brought up in China and had my higher education in Perth. Both of my parents were teachers. I have an Accounting background and currently working in the State Government. My two girls are currently enrolled with Campbell Primary.  I am fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and hope I can use my skills to assist other students, parents and community members. I have sound judgement and a willingness to collaborate and a sincere interest in public education. I am keen to work with Campbell Primary to make a difference in moving the school forward and focusing on what is best for all students.

Kirthana Prabhakran

I am a working mother of two children,  one of whom is in Kindergarten currently. My son has had a great journey so far and the teachers I have met in this short time frame have been fantastic. My daughter will start kindy in 2021. I am a chemical engineer by profession and I am currently working as a project manager.

I was born in India and I have spent a considerable amount of time in New Zealand before moving to Australia ten years back. Besides English, I am fluent in three Indian languages and can understand two more. My drive to be a valued member of the board stems from my personal experience as a parent. I am an avid supporter of the public-school system and firmly believe that education is integral to the development of a child. I am passionate about developing rich learning experiences for all children.

Staff Members

Science Specialist Campbell Primary

Pamela Lumsden – Science Specialist
I am the Science specialist at Campbell Primary School and have held this role for the past 3 years. Having worked in the health industry both in the public and private sectors, in various administrative and technical roles, I bring experience in project management, auditing, policy writing and procedures, quality assurance, equipment commissioning and training and assessing staff.  I have nominated to serve on the school board, as I see it as a great way to be involved in the continuous development and improvement of Campbell Primary School.  I have been a parent representative on two of my children’s school boards and am an advocate for collaborative relationships with the school community and school board to improve student achievement and well-being.


Mandy Slee Campbell Primary

Mandy Slee – Performing Arts Specialist

I am very proud to have been a staff member at Campbell Primary since 2003. During this time I have held a variety of roles including junior science, classroom support and FMS with the majority of my time being spent teaching Dance across the school. I am passionate about the Arts in primary school and the benefits for our students learning skills that they can apply across all areas of their lives. I have worked with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to help develop the Arts curriculum for Western Australia, with a particular focus on Dance. This has enabled me to understand the ‘big picture’ and direction of Arts education in our state.

Knowing every child at our school is my favourite part of my job. Watching them grow and develop their skills and confidence in their own abilities over time is a wonderful thing to witness. I hope to bring my understanding of our students and their needs to the decision making processes of the School Board.

Beth Moorman – Literacy Specialist

I am a teacher at Campbell Primary School, I currently teach in a Year 3/4 class. I also lead the English Curriculum Team and am a Literacy coach in our school. My primary objective of being a board member is to ensure that the students at Campbell Primary School are challenged to achieve their potential, in an environment that is fully inclusive and promotes positive well-being. I have a strong educational background, having taught for more than 10 years across all year levels. Additionally, I am a parent of primary aged children, so I also have an insight into a school from the perspective of a parent. I am delighted to be a member of the School Board.


Community Representatives

Rachel School Board

Dr Rachel Sheffield – Chairperson

Please see above.


Zoe Parry

I have worked as a psychologist in the community, government and private sectors. Since 2005, I have operated a private psychology practice in Canning Vale, which has grown to offer mental health services for children of all ages, adults and families.  I have a keen interest in the application of mindfulness and a strong belief in the value of early intervention to facilitate good mental health. It is a privilege, through my work, to be a part of the “village” that supports children and parents in our community. I appreciate the very important role schools have in supporting children’s well being and I am delighted to be a part of the school board. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of mental health to further enrich the well being of students and staff at Campbell Primary School.