School Board Members

Lynne Bates – Principal



Dr Rachel Sheffield – Chairperson

Rachel School Board

From 2016 Rachel Sheffield has been a member of ISTE, International Society Technology Education, writing the new ISTE standards for students, teachers and pre-service teachers and presenting at the International Conference. She is familiar with a raft of innovative practices and how these can be embedded in classroom practice.

In 2017 Rachel was involved in the DREAM project that worked with 135 primary schools in Western Australia helping teachers to develop their innovative practice in the Digital Technologies curricula.

With a teaching focus is the promotion of STEM education, Rachel has a BSc in Microbiology, a Grad Dip in Education and a PhD which focused on evaluating change in education entitled Facilitating Teacher Professional Learning: Analysing the impact of an Australian Professional Learning Model.

Parent Representatives

Leonie Gurr – Vice Chairperson

I have just commenced my sixth year as a parent at Campbell Primary School. During this time, I have always attempted to be involved with the school from within the classroom as a Parent Helper, to volunteering on the P&C to raise funds for the whole school community.

I believe that my years spent on the P&C talking to parents from all different year groups has given me an understanding on what parents need and hope to see from our school, as well as a practical understanding on the way the school runs. I am hoping to be able to continue to promote cohesiveness between parents and community members, and the school, as decisions are made and how this is communicated.

Michael Slee

I am a father of two students at Campbell Primary School. I am currently completing an Honours year after previously completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I’m also a CPA qualified Accountant with 20 years’ experience in commerce in a variety of organisations, both here and abroad.

I hope to use the knowledge and experience gained over many years of work and education to bring a different perspective that will complement the skills of other Board members. In doing this I hope to help the Board achieve the best outcomes for all students at Campbell Primary School.

Winnie Wong

I used to be a bookkeeper and food business operator before I joined the Campbell Primary School community in year 2014. I was brought up in Malaysia and came to Perth to further my university studies 20 years ago. I often offer myself as a parent helper in the classroom and helping out at various events organised by P&C. With my many years multilingual background, I am happy to provide support in understanding of parents and students needs which in turn are vital to the decision making process of the school and school board.

Kylie Somers

I have a background in Early Childhood Education with 20 years teaching experience. I’m very passionate about childhood development, early intervention and learning through play.  I have been a part of the Campbell School community since 2003.  My son has graduated from Campbell and I currently have my two daughters at the school.  I have been a member on the school P & C for many years and I hope that I can continue to work and advocate for the education for all children in our community as a school board member.

Staff Members

Mandy Slee Campbell Primary

Mandy Slee – Performing Arts Specialist

I am very proud to have been a staff member at Campbell Primary since 2003. During this time I have held a variety of roles including junior science, classroom support and FMS with the majority of my time being spent teaching Dance across the school. I am passionate about the Arts in primary school and the benefits for our students learning skills that they can apply across all areas of their lives. I have worked with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to help develop the Arts curriculum for Western Australia, with a particular focus on Dance. This has enabled me to understand the ‘big picture’ and direction of Arts education in our state.

Knowing every child at our school is my favourite part of my job. Watching them grow and develop their skills and confidence in their own abilities over time is a wonderful thing to witness. I hope to bring my understanding of our students and their needs to the decision making processes of the School Board.

Jenny Marshall

Since graduating from Curtin University in 1984, I have worked in a variety of primary schools including North Merredin, Dawson Park, Brookman and Leeming. I was fortunate enough to gain a position at Campbell Primary School in 2002 and since this time I have worked across the school in a wide range of roles and within different year levels. I have a passion for early literacy development and catering for the needs of all students. Part of my role has also been dedicated to assisting and empowering EALD students and their parents.

I am pleased to be a School Board member this year and look forward to working with everyone to ensure Campbell continues to be an outstanding school.

Sam Roper

I have been a proud parent to the Campbell students since 2008 and have been an active member on the P&C for the same amount of time, helping to raise funds for the school.
For the past six years I have loved every minute of my role as Education Assistant here at Campbell. I feel privileged in my roles which vary from support across all year groups, MiniLit and Case Management groups. In 2018 and 2019 I was apart of the Nicholson Network Committee for support staff in our area, helping to coordinate two valuable conferences with guest speakers and workshops for fellow staff.
My greatest achievement so far was being nominated for Education Assistant of the Year in 2018. I am looking forward to what my new role on the School Board has to offer going forward.

Community Representatives

Rachel School Board

Dr Rachel Sheffield – Chairperson

Please see above.


Zoe Parry

I have worked as a psychologist in the community, government and private sectors. Since 2005, I have operated a private psychology practice in Canning Vale, which has grown to offer mental health services for children of all ages, adults and families.  I have a keen interest in the application of mindfulness and a strong belief in the value of early intervention to facilitate good mental health. It is a privilege, through my work, to be a part of the “village” that supports children and parents in our community. I appreciate the very important role schools have in supporting children’s well being and I am delighted to be a part of the school board. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of mental health to further enrich the well being of students and staff at Campbell Primary School.