Behaviour Management and Good Standing

Behaviour Management at Campbell Primary School

Campbell Primary School’s Behaviour Management in Schools Policy aims to provide a supportive, cooperative and safe environment for students, staff and parents.

We aim to create a learning environment within our school that promotes positivity, friendliness and a willingness to ‘do the right thing’.  Our school wide implementation of Be You (formerly KidsMatter) and complementary Health Education programmes serves to support this aim. Our use of Restorative Practice aims to preserve relationships once a disciplinary action has taken place.  Our staff has been trained in these processes and work collaboratively to implement these programmes.

We aim to provide students with the skills and knowledge to make responsible choices and follow frameworks of responsible and acceptable behaviour within the classroom and in the playground. We acknowledge the differing developmental levels of students and adapt our teaching and learning programme accordingly.

Each classroom teacher is responsible for developing, in collaboration with students, classroom behaviour management plans that clearly outline expected behaviours within the classroom.  These plans need to incorporate:

  1. Class rules which are linked to the School Rights & Responsibilities and Code of Conduct;
  2. Positive recognition to generate a positive learning environment within the classroom;
  3. Clear consequences for students who do not follow rules.

To find out more please read the full Campbell Primary School Behaviour Managment Policy here.


Good Standing at Campbell Primary School

At Campbell Primary School, the Good Standing policy supports the school’s Behaviour Management in Schools (BMiS) policy and Code of Conduct by acknowledging and rewarding exemplary behaviour. Loss of good standing occurs after a suspension or series of behaviours that are not aligned with the school student behaviour plan.

The processes embedded within good standing requirements are underpinned by the following key principles of restorative practice:

  • Positive interpersonal relationships are a major influence on behaviour.
  • A culture of care supports all individuals in the school community.
  • Cultural receptiveness and responsiveness is key to creating learning communities to mutual respect and inclusion.
  • A restorative approach leads to individuals taking responsibility for their behaviour.

The Good Standing Policy supports our students to make positive choices for their behaviour. It is, however, recognised that at times there may be exceptional circumstances that have resulted in negative behaviours and/or the student has special needs. On these occasions all factors will be taken in to consideration when a decision is to be made to withdraw good standing and this remains at the discretion of the Principal or the Principal’s delegate.

All students that maintain their Good Standing for the term receive a Good Standing certificate.  Students that maintain Good Standing for the whole year will receive a letter of commendation from the principal in recognition of their positive code of conduct.

To find out more please read the full Campbell Primary School Good Standing Policy here.