Parents & Citizens

The Campbell P&C is a group of young dynamic people who want to improve the educational experiences for children at the school.

Through building up strong relationships with appropriate bodies, commitment, support and fundraising,

the P&C has achieved a great deal. During 2001 amongst other things, members researched and made decisions on the school uniform, school logo and event the name of the school.

Throughout the school’s foundation year, the P&C provided various student services, provided numeracy and literacy equipment for the upper school, even created a delightful sensory garden within the Early Learning section of the school and much, much more.

Members are involved in:
– providing services like student banking, school Canteen and the Uniform Shop;
– Ensuring student safety through Roadwise;
– Seeking funds and resources through sponsorship and fundraising.


P&C meetings are conducted twice  a term on a Monday in Week 4 and Week 8, commencing at 7.00pm in the Staffroom. The meetings are high on visual impact, information and decision making, but low on passing around bits of paper and negativity.

The meetings provide a forum where parents can openly discuss issues with the school Principals and the P&C Committee members.

The School Council, on which the P&C President and Vice President both sit, sets direction for the school and impacts on the running of the school rather than the P&C itself.

P&C Contribution
A P&C Contribution has been set at $10.00 per child to be reviewed annually. This money, as with all money raised through the P&C, goes back to the children to provide them with better equipment, resources and experiences during their time at Campbell Primary School

Fathering Project

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